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Today is the final in the current series of Life Playlists as the series takes a summer break –  with a planned return for the autumn.  Hope you enjoy Jackie’s selection:

1) Sigrid’s High Five. I first heard this track through my daughters playlist and I love it because it’s so upbeat – and if I play it loud while driving in the car, it makes me feel like a teenager again. Sigrid is such a lovely, unpretentious young lady that it warms my heart to listen to her.

2)True Colours: The Trolls version. It’s sung so beautifully by Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect) and Justin Timberlake that it brings a tear to my eye. I keep asking my daughter to sing the Anna part while I sing the Justin part, but she’s having none of it.

3)One Direction: Wolves. Not embarrassed to say that I loved One Direction in their day. (well, I am a bit!). Went to see them in Birmingham (most stressful journey ever, going through the city at rush hour) Harry apologised to me ’cos he threw a bottle of water at the crowd and it hit my iPhone as I was trying to get a photo. We were right at the front. I was a bit star stuck, ’tis true. Bless those lovely boys!

4) Shallow Love by Gabrielle Aplin. he has such a pretty voice and it’s a lovely song –and best of all I can play it on my guitar ( just about.) I used to play the guitar as a teenager but have recently taken up lessons again. It‘s a small group and we usually spend ten minutes catching up with news, so don’t always get a lot of playing done, but hey, I have another reason to trawl eBay – looking for the perfect guitar!

5) Taylor Swift, the queen of the break up songs: All too Well is one of my all-time favourites because the words encompass the bittersweet memories of a break up so well, ‘So casually cruel in the name of being of being honest.’ Brilliant. She has such an incredible talent.




Is love powerful enough to cross the class divide?

When Daniel Davenport saves Maddie Lockett and her young brother Tom from drowning, an immediate bond is forged between them.
But Daniel is an aspiring doctor and son of a wealthy manufacturer, whilst Maddie is a potter’s daughter from a poverty-stricken area of the Potteries. Even a friendship between the two could be frowned upon, let alone anything more …
But Maddie and Daniel want more, and as they grow closer gossip and prejudice look set to spoil their blossoming romance. Do the young couple stand a chance when there are those who would stop at nothing to keep them apart?

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Jackie Ladbury

Jackie Ladbury writes heart-warming contemporary and historical women’s fiction that is always guaranteed a happy ever after. From spending many years as an air-stewardess and seeing that it really is love that makes the world go around, she determined to put the same sparkle and emotion into her stories. Her life is no longer as exotic (or chaotic) as it was in those heady days of flying around the world, as she lives a quiet life in Hertfordshire with her family and two cats.