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Tuesday Talk welcomes Maxine Groves to chat about her busy life as a publicist and desert island ‘must haves’…

Maxine Groves Photo Oct 2016Good morning Maxine and welcome. 

Hello Jo and thanks so much for having me on your blog, lovely to be here.
You began as a reviewer, how did you develop your business and what services do you offer potential clients?

As I became more popular as a reviewer I found myself in touch with a lot of fantastic indie and published authors who would request me to review their book. From this I was doing a lot of promotion and publicity for their books for free. A brilliant author contacted me and asked me if I would do some book publicity work for him which I did and it went really well, as word got out a few more known authors asked me to help them. I then decided to birth Booklover Catlady Publicity, seeing a gap in the market for cost-effective, trackable and flexible services.

I can offer bespoke publicity services to authors, that’s the wonderful thing about it being my own business, essentially if I am capable of doing it – I will!

My popular services include review generation where my VIP team of reviewers and bloggers will read and post reviews for authors looking for more visibility on Goodreads, Amazon, book blogs and across social media.

I love doing the online cover reveal, pre-purchase and book launch parties on Facebook that have become really popular with both authors and book lovers. They are fast-paced, fun and focused on outcomes for both the author and event attendees.

I also do professional beta reading which comes with an in-depth report, vote generation campaigns for books in the Kindle Scout Program or for Thunderclap.  Offered also is referrals to service providers such as Editors and Cover Designers where authors then get discounted prices. I also recommend and match authors to publishing houses should they be looking to submit a manuscript.

When a book needs a sales push I offer a social media blitz campaign – fully tracked so I can provide exact data to clients. I often consult with a new client on what services best suit their goals and design an individual publicity campaign just for them.

If a new author needs consultation on how to use social media or how best to reach out to reviewers I can do email and phone consultations. I cover all genres of books and currently also provide services to a number of publishing firms.

This year I have launched my book blog tour services which are already proving really popular.

Business growth has been phenomenal since launch in June 2015 and 99% of clients come to me via referral so I am really proud of my reputation. My clientele are worldwide.

You’re currently in the process of writing your first novel. Can you tell us something about that?

I am so exited to be finally writing, it’s thanks to the fantastic authors that I have helped with their books and the friendships I have with many of them that has given me the courage to finally take the plunge.

My first book will be a collection of short stories that are a mix of horror and dark psychological fiction. I am also working on a dark psychological thriller with a crime slant and twisty bits which I am really excited about.

As I get quite eclectic ideas I am also writing a series of children’s picture books, aimed at children 3-5 years of age with a brilliant children’s illustrator. The books will feature my two cheeky, naughty Burmese cats – Toddy and Riley and their crazy adventures. Talking cats, what more could you want really?

City or Beach? Name two of your favourite chill out destinations.

Ooh, that’s a great question. I have lived in the UK, Australia and Ireland in cities and near beaches. I lived at the famous Bondi Beach in Australia for many years. I recently went on holiday to Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands and absolutely loved it – so as a beach location that would be a top pick.

I also love the buzz of the city and one of my favourite cities in the world is Melbourne in Australia. I’d encourage anybody who is going to Oz for a holiday to make sure Melbourne is included. Incredibly cosmopolitan! India is on my bucket list of countries to see before I die.

Is there any author you would particularly like to meet?

It would mean a lot to me to meet horror and thriller writer J.D. Barker as he is not only an amazing author but has been so instrumental and supportive in helping my career to date. Other authors on that list would be British author Belinda Bauer, horror author Adam Nevill and crime author Sarah Hilary.

You’re taking yourself off to a desert island for a year. Which four ‘must haves’ would you take with you and why?

  1. My Kindle or a stack of paperbacks – simply because books are my entire world.
  2. Some good sunblock lotion as I am very pale and burn easily! (Vampire pale)
  3. A really big tent because I don’t fancy sleeping in the open for a whole year. Ideally with a blow up bed and colour coordinated linen. You have to have good linen!
  4. A boat, a large one in case I wanted to get off the island early.


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