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How Quickly Can I Write a Post?

Once more it’s been Collision Sunday.  So little time, so much to do!  Since returning from my mid-week break I seem to have been playing catch up with my writing taking a back seat.  So this afternoon I thought after I’d sorted out e-mails, replied to Facebook and Twitter, written two reviews and my weekend post and put two items on E-bay I’d be able to settle down to writing.  But that hasn’t happened.  Oh no, it’s now 8.10 and with everything else now sorted I’ve just started this blog.  At 9.00 I’m going down for my weekly episode of Downton Abbey so that’s the deadline, like it or not!

So what’s my week been like?  Well pretty good actually.  It was really strange not to have to go to work until Friday.  Although when I actually got home I wished that I had booked that day  off too as Thursday evening we were due to go to a concert in town and I really needed to get an early night.  I’m up at 6 when I have a working day so really need my eight hours.  Anyway concert was good, came out at 10.30 and home by 11.  Work Friday went well.  We have a handover book where we note down everything that we’ve both done or are in the process of doing which needs picking up and finishing.  It’s an essential communication tool for the job, otherwise things would just drop through the void in a case of ‘I thought you’d done that – Me, no I thought it was you.’  Thankfully there were only a couple of ‘Could you do’s… in the book and which just left the other regular things, like setting up meetings and diary and leave checks for next week.  So not as bad as I thought it would be.

Last Friday also happened to be  Ted’s Big Day out – the hospital’s version of ‘Children in Need/Comic Relief’ which occurs every year in mid-October to raise funds for special projects or state-of-the-art equipment. Run by the Forever Friends Charity which operates within the hospital, currently we have a £5 million target to reach for a new cancer centre.  Every year the fund-raising day is themed.  This year is was Fluorescent Friday which turned out all sorts of interesting outfits including garish pink or yellow ties and matching socks, ra-ra skirts, flowers in the hair and of course, the good old standby high visibility safety vest.  The whole community get involved including businesses and schools and a whole lot of money is raised.

Oops! It’s now 8.55 and I haven’t finished so will return tomorrow!

It’s 10.00 on Monday morning and am back in front of the screen.  Need to wrap this up then put two items on e-bay (which didn’t get done yesterday) then maybe, just maybe some writing before I have to leave for town and lunch with my good friend Roz who is over here from Australia for her sister’s birthday.  I haven’t seen her for a year but we keep in touch and she’s settled in so well (a very gregarious lady!)  and is really enjoying life ‘Down Under’.  We used to meet up once a month and have lunch in this Chinese Restaurant, always the window seat and I really missed that after she’d gone.  But communication being what it is we haven’t lost touch, e-mails and photos have continued our friendship.  She’s become a grandmother since settling there (both her son and daughter were already living out there) and little George is now a very big part of her life.

Ah well, think it’s time to sort out my e-bay items and then, another thought, I’ve a reunion to organise with some guys I used to work with.  An annual event which has got slightly pushed to one side because of writing.  But hang on, writing isn’t the problem is it, as currently I’m having trouble organising time for it – it’s all the other stuff in between.  Something tells me I really need to get a PA!

Catch you next week!


PS There’s no time to get back on the ms before I leave – ah shucks!  Whatever happenes I’ll just have to make sure I keep this evening free and I’m holding myself to that!


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5 thoughts on “How Quickly Can I Write a Post?

  1. Sounds far too much like my life (bidding on ebay though – not buying – in the never ending hunt for a bargain plus family and dinner and playing with granddaughter). A friend says she only showers, dresses and bushes her teeth before completing her daily 1000 words. Every thing else EVERY thing has to be secondary to that.

  2. Am just back from lunch, have drunk so much Jasmine tea! Now getting my head round re-scheduling my evening programme with a view to chilling and getting everything into perspective!

  3. Forgot to mention that after I’d posted this I went into E-bay, downloaded four photos and put in advertising blurb. The phone rang before I could review and by the time I got back my session had been timed out and I lost everything! Argh!!! It’s a good job I left the house soon afterwards as getting away from it all enabled me to calm down.
    Now have to do it all over again!

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