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Yay! Welcome to the Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party!





A celebrity, whose name I cannot possibly divulge, contacted me recently, having read about Janice’s Spellbindingly Fun Blog Party.

 ‘Are you getting involved?’ they asked.  When I confirmed I was they wanted to know the details of my spell.  ‘And what are you going to wish for?’ they wanted to know. ‘A lottery win?  A beautiful piece of jewellery?  For your books to become best sellers?’

I had to think then.  What exactly did I want?  All the options – and Kit Domino had done her take on them earlier – seemed so many, too many.  In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realised how tough the decision was going to be.

‘If you can’t think of anything, you could weave a spell for me.’ My new best friend whispered suggestively in my ear. ‘There is something I really want more than anything – that’s if you can’t think of anything for yourself, of course.’

Therefore my spell is not for me, it’s for a nameless someone.  In fact, after thinking about it, it’s a wish that could be echoed by many others who are currently in the same situation as my new best friend.  So being the kind of person I am and wanting to be fair I think I should cast if for all of them and let fate decide…


A small bottle of Dragons Tears

One large Moonstone

Northern Lights

One Spider’s Web from Bruce’s Cave

Small bag of Thistledown

Silver Spoon

The spell:                                                  

 Crush the moonstone in a small onyx bowl and mix with half of the bottle of Dragon’s Tears.  Sprinkle the Thistledown over the mixture.  Take the Spider’s web and lay gently over the top of the bowl.  Leave for two hours to marinate.  Add the remaining Dragon’s Tears and stir with the Silver Spoon. Decorate with the Three Rose Petals and leave under the Northern Lights for two days.  Drink on the morning of the third day, face the rising sun and repeat this verse:-



Light bringer of the new day

Cast your golden rays my way

Gift of darkness, gift of light

Give me powers of second sight

I desire not riches or romancing

Just make me the winner of Strictly Come Dancing!