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TUESDAY TALK trips to Monday to catch up with Lynda Stacey whose debut novel House of Secrets is out tomorrow….

meAuthor Lynda Stacey’s debut novel HOUSE OF SECRETS is published tomorrow. Today I’m pleased to have her on my blog for a pre-publication chat.

Morning Lynda and welcome. Huge congratulations on the publication of your first novel. Can you tell us something about House of Secrets?
Hello and thank you so much for having me.
OK, where do I start. Madeleine is twenty-four and desperately wants to believe that Liam loves her, but he’s cruel to her three-year-old daughter, Poppy and Maddie knows that she has to leave. She takes refuge at her father’s country house Hotel, Wrea Head Hall. Here she meets Christopher Lawless, aka Bandit, an ex-marine with an over protective nature. You could say that a tentative relationship begins, but Liam wants Madeleine back and what Liam wants, he normally gets, no matter who gets hurt in the way.

You joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association New Writer’s Scheme. Did you find this helpful?
I really did find it helpful. I got to have my work critiqued, this gave me the necessary help to move my novel forward. I’d encourage anyone to join, the RNA are the best and most supportive network of people I’ve ever met. It’s like becoming a family member over-night and suddenly finding that you’ve got a hundred and fifty new siblings.

Have you been influenced by any favourite authors? If so who?
I’ve read all my life. Starting with the amazing Enid Blyton. In later years, I read all the classics, but always steered back towards romance, or thrillers. I love Stephen King, Tess Gerritsen, Lesley Pearce, Jill Mansell, or Kate Morton. It all depended on what mood I was in. I’m currently reading Jean Fullerton’s, ‘Wedding Bells for Nurse Connie.’ It’s a great book with loads of history.

You have a busy full time job. How do you find time for writing?
Ha ha… I don’t sleep. I wake up very early and do a little writing. I then go to work. I’m a Sales Director for a stationery and office furniture company and my days are full on. I can be manipulating spreadsheets one minute and sitting in corporate meetings the next. My husband finishes work before me and he normally makes the tea while I do other housework jobs. Then, I sit down and I put the laptop on my knee and I start. It gives me an escape from day to day work. I love it.

Do you have a favourite place to write?
Yes, sat on the corner of my big corner suite. Albeit, I always feel a bit naughty doing this seeing as I had an extension put on my house two years ago. I insisted that I needed an office, but now I have one, I still prefer to sit on the sofa – lol..

What are you working on at the moment?
I’ve just finished writing my 3rd novel. The first chapter of that novel was shortlisted for the Elizabeth Goudge Award last year and it’s been an interesting one to complete. Once I’ve finished launching House of Secrets, I’ll be starting a time-slip. I was a miner’s daughter and I’m going back to my roots and writing about the mining community of South Yorkshire. I feel as though I need to write this book, to give something back to where I came from.

Many thanks Lynda and happy publication day tomorrow….


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One thought on “TUESDAY TALK trips to Monday to catch up with Lynda Stacey whose debut novel House of Secrets is out tomorrow….

  1. Good luck with the new book it sounds really interesting. I am new to the publishing world. Penguin Random House published my first book in 2013 and my second is due to be published Nov 2016. I enjoy blogging and have recently begun to write short fictional stories. I love to be involved with people share my love of reading and writing and I know I still have much to learn. My books are creative non fiction so does that exclude me from the RNA. Many thanks. Suzanne Lambert

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