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21544097_2011287755822898_4310027102773874027_oGood morning June and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself?

Hi Jo, and thank you for having me on your blog.
I was born and raised in Slovenia, a small country on the ‘sunny side of the Alps’ as used to be our country’s slogan. Still living here. I’m a full time working mother of two, pursuing the long lasting dreams to become a full time writer. I’m an author of three full length novels in my mother’s tongue and several stories that were published in different magazines, and my latest achievement; I’m an author of two full length novels in English. The third is currently under submission.
Writing, reading, riding and travelling are my favourite activities. While I had to give up  riding due to lack of time, I travel as much as I can. Luckily reading and writing is something I can do wherever and whenever I want to. That’s why the two things that are almost inbuilt in my purse are a book/Kindle and a notebook.

You are the author of two novels, All that the Heart Desires and Caught Between Two Worlds. One is set in the South of France, the other in Egypt. What made you choose these locations?



As I said, I love to travel, to see different places. I love the sea side, almost no matter where.
Being a fan of F1 for as long as I can remember the background for the All that the Heart Desires was decided long before the 1st word was written down. As the Grand Prix of Monaco starts each year at the end of May/beginning of June, Monaco was a perfect setting for the story. But as the story continues, the readers travel Europe.
When I visited the Sahara desert, I was mesmerised by its raw beauty. You could say I have been ‘caught’ for lifetime, so setting Caught Between Two Worlds in Egypt, was just something natural…

Who are your favourite authors and have any of them inspired your writing in any way?

In the past I have loved novels written by Kathleen E. Woodwiss and Victoria Holt. Their novels had influence on me and my writing – although both of them wrote historical romance, however I cannot pick a single title to compare my novel with.
Now I enjoy reading books from so many authors that it would be unfair to count just a few of them.

Would you ever consider writing something other than romantic fiction? If so what would that be?

I’m Gemini, so this means I cannot stick to just one thing. So yes, I consider writing something other than romantic fiction all the time. Ideas are in my head, but to get them onto the paper/screen, I need time, which I’m in chronically lack of.
The other genres I fancy reading and considering writing somewhere in the future are Mystery, Thriller and Suspense; Crime fiction and Espionage.

Beach or city girl? Where are your favourite holiday destinations and why?

Beach girl all the way. Although I live in a town, ‘far, far away’ from the beach I can be at the sea side in less than a two hour drive. That is to the fact that our country is a small one and you can get from one border to the other in approximately 3 hours.
But one day I’m going to live close to the sea. It’s a plan.

Are you able to tell us a little about what you are working on at the moment?

My third romantic suspense novel ‘At the End of the Summer’ is currently under submission.
Here is a blurb:
Caroline treats love as a game. She stopped believing when her family fell apart. At twenty-eight she focuses on her career as a freelance photographer and lets nothing stand in her way.
Guitarist and songwriter Joshua is the heart and soul of his rock band The Burning Ruins. To the outside world, his life is perfection. But Joshua has secrets and he keeps his emotions under wraps.
When they meet, their worlds are badly shaken.
In a summer that takes them from London to Wales and over Europe to the heat of Rome they are desperately trying to regain control, knowing nothing is going to be the same again.
Will the collision mend their badly cracked hearts or will it shred them to pieces?

• My new project/WIP is a story of Sophie, a young woman who attends a wedding of her best friend as her bridesmaid. Although years back she wowed that she’s never going to return to Ireland, that’s where the wedding is. Asked to come a week before the wedding she flies to Dublin, where her friend Aishling should be waiting for her. When at the airport she doesn’t sees her friend, she tries to call her, but she receives a call. The loud sound of her mobile’s ringing gets everyone attention. Trying hard to silence the mobile, she faces a man, she never expected to see again.

And lastly, you are planning a dinner party. If you were able to invite four famous guests (living or dead) who would you choose and why?

Four famous faces:
1st: Ayrton Senna da Silva – the legend!
2nd: Freddy Mercury – because of the music
3rd: Miranda Hart – we need a good laugh
4th: Pope Francis I – although I started to differentiate between my faith and the Church very early in life, he’s somehow managed to make me believe that changes are possible – he seems like a person with a great deal of common sense.


All That the Heart Desires: 
Caught Between Two Worlds



Directs fictional destinies. Living on the edge of a wonderful Georgian city. Addicted to Arthurian legend, good wine, and rock music. Writes...mostly about love


  1. Thank you, Jo. Interesting post and author. She has a positive approach which is so healthy, and desirable. Good luck to June and her books – I’m sure they’ll find happy readers..

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