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For me, photography is the next best thing to writing. I guess it comes as a spin off from art, which I really enjoyed at school, managing a respectable grade 3 at ‘O’ level. I have found though, that just like art, what you see and capture with the camera very often doesn’t reflect what you expect it to. I tend to be a little over ambitious, getting carried away by the moment and what’s in front of me.  Sometimes that can mean the results aren’t what I anticipate. However, there are moments when it all comes together perfectly. Taking a break from my WIP, I thought I would share some of my special shots.

I guess holidays are the best times for photography, but I’m always hopeful when out and about that I’ll spot a photo opportunity. Therefore my camera always travels with me.

I’m not a portrait photographer – am absolutely no good getting decent shots of people – but my three favourite areas are countryside coast and buildings…with the odd quirky object thrown in.  Today I’m concentrating on those coastal shots.

So first, a slideshow of how beautiful the English coastline can be –


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Now a journey to the Med and beyond for a different kind of vista..

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Next week week I’ll be looking at town, city and countryside…