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CJ  10 (1)Today I’m pleased to welcome Julia Wild whose latest book MOON SHADOW has just been published.

A member of the Romantic Novelists Association since 1993, Julia came through the New Writers Scheme to win the New Writers Award (now known as the Joan Hessayon award) with Dark Canvas.

She is married and lives in Bedfordshire and has three fantastic children – all grown up now – but all still very much part of her life.

Julia worked in the local mobile House bound library for nine wonderful years, and then was re-deployed to a local library until 2014. When the huge cutbacks came, she took redundancy and is taking some time to be self-employed; doing what she loves best – escaping into the writing world.




‘You’ll destroy me if I let you…’

Ellie Morrison is an actress by trade.
So what’s she doing on a ranch in Montana posing as
a housekeeper and investigating the murky past of its
good-looking owner, Declan Kelloway?
And why does she find herself attracted to her new boss?
After all, she has a perfectly satisfactory man in her life.
And Declan is just part of her job, isn’t he?

E book just £2.10 for a limited period only; Paperback £7.10



Dark Canvas winner of the RNA’s NWS Award in 1997

Abbey is at the height of her career, has a lovely home and a steady boyfriend. All is wonderful until someone begins to threaten her. Jake Westaway comes into her life when he brings Abbey a message. He has no intention of sticking around, since she’s definitely not his type, but somehow, he has difficulty leaving…

Now available as an Ebook: just 99p until 10th Feb only


Nick knows that there is something wrong. Surely he would remember being engaged to someone as quirky and gorgeous as Kayanne? But she insists they are to be married and that she is passionately in love with him. And so the wedding goes ahead and Nick is soon honeymooning with his bride, though it is a honeymoon in name only.
But out in the darkness there is someone who is determined to keep it that way – someone who has reason to want Nick dead and Kayanne “widowed”…

Blue Silk Promise Available as an Ebook: just 99p from 11th – 18th Feb only



Soul Whispers Ebook & POD

Secrets Ebook & POD

Illusions winner of the RNA’s First Romance Prize in 2003

Ebook & POD

Before I begin working on new stories that are bubbling away,

I am bringing out my back list as Print on Demand & EBooks.