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Tuesday Talk welcomes Tommy Samson author of football themed romantic fiction…

20181118_132001Hi Tommy and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself?

I’m a married dad of two boys, been with my wife for 26 years, married for 22 of those. My day job is in events safety. I’m an avid football fan and have a love of taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets.

When did you decide you wanted to be a writer and what were the first steps you took towards this?

I never actually wanted to be a writer, it kind of just happened. I was bullied at school and things were happening at home too, so I’d escape into my imagination. And having a good imagination led to writing good essays at school. From there came short stories and it pretty much went from there. Then about eight or nine years ago, I was inspired and encouraged by an old friend who was also a writer to publish a short story I’d written. That short story is Grande Plage, my first eBook.

Currently you write football themed romantic fiction. Have you ever been tempted to write a crime or mystery novel with a football theme?

I’ve not but there is always a first. I’ve mainly stuck to writing what interests me through being an old fashioned romantic.


One of your hobbies is photography. Is there anything particular you like to photograph and if so, why?

As I mentioned before, I love taking pictures of sunrises and sunsets. I love the colours created by one of nature’s wonders. And, as I take all my photos with my mobile phone, I’m usually in the right place at the right time.

If money were no object where in the world would you like to visit and why?

Anyone who knows me could answer this – San Francisco. I’ve been before but only it was only for a day. I managed to pack a lot into that day but I’d love to go back and spend more time exploring a wonderful city that I fell in love with.


You’re a great Liverpool fan. Does anything take the place of football during the summer months?

Well, that depends on whether there is a World Cup or European Championships on…

And finally, you’ve been invited to take part in I’m a Celebrity – Get Me Out of Here. Name four celebs you would like to be taking part with you and why.

Well, my hero Kenny Dalglish would be one. I’d just like to be in his company, hearing tales of all his football glory. Billy Connolly would be another; the man has been making me laugh since his days of big banana boots. Kelly Brook for obvious reason, and because she was the visual muse for Mia in Playing Offside. And finally Gordon Ramsey. The camp needs a chef… and someone I think would give his all in any tria

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It’s Tuesday 20th November – publication day for Victoria Cornwall’s A Daughter’s Christmas Wish…


A Cornish Christmas wish sent across the ocean …

Christmas, Cornwall 1919

A promise to a fellow soldier leads Nicholas to Cornwall for Christmas, and to the teashop managed by Rose; the youngest daughter of a family whose festive spirit has been blighted by their wartime experiences. But as Nicholas strives to give Rose the best Christmas she could wish for, he begins to question whether his efforts are to honour his friend, or whether there is another reason …




Having received an ARC copy of this novel, I read it during the run up to the Armistice Day.  Rose has a hard, unhappy life. She has lost her brother and her future husband to the battlefields of France. Not only has she got to cope with her own loss, but she supports parents who since the death of  her brother Arthur are shadows of their former selves – people who have given up on life. Her days are spent baking and serving tea and cake in the small tea shop owned by her brother Arthur, a man who had plans for his business when war had ended. Once her working day is over she returns home to a sad house; place where her parents are too wrapped in their own grief to notice her, other than to complain if things aren’t right.

Into her life walks a handsome soldier – Nicholas, who begins visiting the tea shop daily. He soon becomes the one bright spot in her life. But little does she realise he is there for a purpose.

I love Victoria’s novels and this one, coming at the time it did was a poignant reminder of the suffering people went through at that time. I really felt for Rose’s plight. There was no joy in her life, nothing to look forward to, only sadness and loss to accompany her days.

Nicholas was beautifully written. A good, kind gentle man honouring a dead friend’s last request.One by one he took each line of the poem she had written to boyfriend Sam – requests for her perfect Christmas – and made them real.  I loved the way each of the things he did for her gradually changed Rose, making her believe she could enjoy life again.  Nicholas finds himself falling in love with her, but how can he possibly compete when the ghost of Sam still lingers in Rose’s heart?

All in all a lovely romantic Christmas story with some unexpected twists – one of which I didn’t see coming.

Highly recommended.


61O6t8BvhEL._UX250_Victoria Cornwall grew up on a farm in Cornwall and can trace her Cornish roots as far back as the 18th century. It is this background and heritage which is the inspiration for her Cornish based novels.Following a fulfilling twenty-five year career as a nurse, a change in profession finally allowed her the time to write. She initially self-published two novels, Old Sins Long Shadows and The Gossamer Trail under the name B.D.Hawkey. In 2016, award winning publisher, Choc Lit, acquired both books as part of a four book deal. Old Sins Long Shadows is now published under the new title, The Captain’s Daughter, and The Gossamer Trail is now titled, The Daughter of River Valley. Victoria is married and has two grown up children. She likes to read and write historical fiction with a strong background story, but at its heart is the unmistakable emotion, even pain, of loving someone.

She is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.