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My Ten (actually 12) Favourite Books of 2017…

Recently I’ve seen a few of my blogging contemporaries post lists of their favourite books of 2017. So this year I thought as I hit my target of 60 book on Goodreads I would compile my own list.   These choices are not set out in any particular order, I loved them all.


Pam Howes Mersey Trilogy 

Three books – one choice – they were so good I had to have them all! Oh and tissues definitely required!


Vill Rosso med

Linn B Halton Secrets of the Villa Rosso – a beautifully written bitter-sweet story


The Sewing Machine

The Sewing Machine by Natalie Fergie – a great debut novel and oh! that cover


girl in the castle

 Girl in the Castle by Lizzie Lamb – Lizzie always delivers great romances and the hottest of heroes


white lies

White Lies by Ellie Holmes –  A well woven tale of love, betrayal and deceit


man in the needlecord jacket

The Man in the Needlecord Jacket by Linda MacDonald –   Manipulative, dissolute Coll (the man of the title) was a love to hate character who made this a totally compelling read.

the birthday girl

The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin – gripping from start to finish and probably her best so far

Deadly Intent

Deadly Intent by Sheryl Browne – Sheryl’s novels just keep getting better and better

only one woman

Only One Woman by Christina Jones and Jane Risdon – One guy, two girls and a wannabe rock band – a great sixties nostalgia trip written by two ladies who know the music business well

The Path Keeper

The Path Keeper by N J Simmonds –  another debut novel. A YA read and yet much, much more.  Absolutely loved it!