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It’s publication day for Ellie Darkins’ new Harlequin Romance novel Falling for the Rebel Princess…

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From princess to rock-star royalty!

Self-proclaimed “black sheep” Princess Charlie of Afland has worked long and hard to be taken seriously in the music industry, managing to keep her royal obligations, and her secret heartbreak, under the radar. Until one night in Vegas changes everything…

Rock star Joe Kavanagh gets more from his Vegas gig than he’d bargained for…a princess bride and a PR story to die for! As the initial attraction, which led them down the aisle, turns into something deeper, keeping their marriage strictly business proves increasingly difficult…

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Charlie has escaped from her life as part of Afland’s royal family to pursue an independent career.  She is now a successful music executive. She is sent to Las Vegas to persuade Joe Kavanagh and his band to sign for the label she works for. However things don’t quite go to plan when she wakes up next to Joe with a gold wedding band on her finger.

Neither of them can really work out why it happened.  They do know that a large amount of alcohol and post gig party atmosphere was involved.  As they both come to terms with what has happened, they agree to run with the situation for a while and use it as a PR opportunity both for her company and his band.  At some point in the future they agree they will need to end it.  Both are aware that they have a strong physical attraction to one another. But committing to a lifetime together needs far more than that.

As the two begin to spend their first days as man and wife, little niggles of doubt begin to creep in about that fateful night in the wedding chapel. Charlie wonders whether Joe has manipulated the situation to gain exposure for his band while he wonders at first if she is pregnant and looking for an easy target to marry.  Or whether, like the girl who broke his heart many years ago, she’s simply using him to get back at her family.

The story see saws between Charlie and Joe’s viewpoints.  As they settle into their fake marriage both begin to realise there is something far deeper going on between them.  But is it strong enough to override the other doubts and fears and bring them together?

An enjoyable and well written romantic read.


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Ellie Darkins spent her formative years devouring romance novels, and after completing her English degree she decided to make a living from her love of books. As a writer and editor her work now entails dreaming up romantic proposals, hot dates with alpha males and trips to the past with dashing heroes. When she’s not working she can usually be found at her local library or out for a run.

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