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img_0031Good morning Susan and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself.

Hi Jo, and thank you for inviting me to your blog. I love to read and write (of course) swim, dance and patronize beachside restaurants. I also like to paint when I can find the time. I live in Canada for half the year and Mexico for the other half. In both places I live close to water.

When did you first decide you wanted to write and how did you begin that journey?

Hmmm. If I ever made a conscious decision to write professionally it must have been when I wrote my first book at the age of 17. I need hardly add it was pretty awful. Almost 20 years later I got it right and was offered a publishing contract.

How do you undertake research for your novels?

The Internet is the writer’s best friend. I order books, either paper or electronic, for the facts and then I go to the Internet for other information such as locales, fashion, lesser characters, anything that might be relevant.

You currently write historical fiction. Is there any other genre that appeals to you as a writer?

A simple answer here – No.

Can you tell us something about your current WIP?

Presently I am writing about Isabella of France, the wife of Edward II of England. She is one of the queens who has been maligned throughout the centuries, probably because she did the unthinkable by being instrumental in the deposition of her husband and ruling herself. I hope to present a more sympathetic portrait of her while remaining true to the historical record and without whitewashing her.

Are you a beach or city girl? Name your favourite holiday destination.

As you might have guessed from my answer above, I am a beach girl. I love being on, in or beside water and I particularly like frolicking in the sea. My favourite destination is Mexico where we are about 2 blocks from the beach.

And lastly, if you were able to invite four celebrities to dinner who would they be and why?
Stephen Hawking for his mind. Aidan Turner for his drop-dead-gorgeous looks. Sharon Kay Penman for the book talk. Jamie Oliver to do the cooking.


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