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Onward into 2016…

A busy morning this morning taking down and boxing up Christmas decorations.  For me, the strike of Big Ben at midnight on 31st December may signify the arrival of a new year, but until all the evidence of Christmas has been packed away , it very much feels like being in limbo.  Now, however, it does actually feel like 2016 and I’m looking forward to the year ahead.

New Year is the time for resolutions, of personal promises to yourself. You may be looking to lose weight, give up smoking, or take that special holiday you have always promised yourself. Whatever they are and whether or not you make them happen does, of course, rest with you.   This year one of my promises is that I’ll clear the attic.

Yes, it’s been a long term ‘to do’ and something which I have failed miserably to achieve as it regularly reattaches itself to my resolutions every year .  However this year it’s moved from a ‘to do’ to a ‘needs to be done’ because the house requires re-roofing.  This means we need to have the smallest number of boxes possible in storage in the loft. S0 when the decorations go back up later today, the first box will come down to be sorted.  I’m holding my breath because there are 30 years worth of boxes up there (see how bad I am at New Year’s resolutions?) so goodness knows what I’ll find as I go through them.  It’s going to feel a bit like an archaeological dig, because a lot of things have been up there such a long time.  So there may be some great discoveries! However realistically what I find won’t be any valuable family heirloom, it will be items heading for ebay, charity shops or the skip! Watch this space!


Tuesday Talk will be back on 12th January when my guest will be writer Julie Ryan.