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devikafernando profilepicGood morning Devika and welcome. Can I begin as usual, by asking you a little about yourself?

Good morning, Jo. Thanks so much for having me over. This may sound strange, but this is always a difficult question for me… because my life can hardly be summarized in a couple of sentences. Let me just say that I’m half German and half Sri Lankan and have spent many years living in both countries. I love writing, reading, learning languages, and animals.

When did you first decide you wanted to be a writer and how did you begin that journey?

I was always reading (or being read to) when I was a child and it just seemed natural to write something too. So my first ever (really short) short story was written when I was 7 years old. I made the ‘real’ decision to be a romance novelist in 2013 and then did a lot of research on the genre, the current trends, the possibilities and especially self-publishing. Then I wrote my debut “When I See Your Face” during NaNoWriMo and published it in 2014.

You write romance and paranormal romance? Is there any other genre that appeals to you?

That’s correct. When it comes to reading, there really isn’t any genre I don’t like, apart from erotica. Romance will always be my favourite, web WISYFthough. And as for writing, I might try my hand at YA and science-fiction / a dystopian novel in the future (of course also with romantic elements).

How do you go about planning and plotting a new novel?

I’m a mix of pantster and plotter. I get an idea, write a rough synopsis and character outline and then write, write, write without going into the details first.

Can you tell us something about your current WIP?

I used NaNoWriMo to start a contemporary romance novel called “Seduced in Spain”, which will be part of the same “Romance Round the World” series as “Saved in Sri Lanka”. It is also about second chances, and finding oneself as well as true love.

And I’ve just released Books 2 and 3 of the FIRE Trilogy (paranormal romance). Book 1, “Playing with Fire”, is available for free.

During your life you have lived in Sri Lanka and Germany. Are there any other countries you would like to live in?

I’m not sure I’d want to live anywhere else, but I certainly want to visit many countries: Australia, India, Ireland, Scotland, England, Spain, Canada, New Zealand

Are you a beach or cities girl? What was your most memorable holiday?

I am a mix of both. I love being around nature, enjoy the quiet of a village, and definitely love going to the beach – but on the other hand, I prefer the Saved in Sri Lanka webcreature comforts a life in the city offers. It’s way easier to get around, to work and buy whatever you need, especially in Sri Lanka.

I spent 5 days in Berlin with my best friend once, and I’ll never forget the memories I made in Germany’s capital.

And lastly, if you were a castaway on a desert island, what four things couldn’t you live without?

I think my laptop so I could write and read whatever eBooks are saved on it. A diary and pen to write after the laptop battery dies. I guess my husband doesn’t count as a ‘thing’ I could take, right? So maybe also a camera. And #4 would be a knife as my most important tool.



Almost as soon as Devika Fernando could write, she imagined stories and poems. After finishing her education in Germany and returning to her roots in Sri Lanka, she got a chance to turn her passion into her profession. Having lived in Germany and in Sri Lanka with fire trilogy - book 1 - webher husband has made her experience the best (and the worst) of two totally different worlds – something that influences her writing. Her trademark is writing sweet and sensual, deeply emotional romance stories where the characters actually fall in love instead of merely falling in lust.

What she loves most about being an author is the chance to create new worlds and send her protagonists on a journey full of ups and downs that will leave them changed. She draws inspiration from everyone and everything in life. Besides being a romance novel author, Devika is a faithful servant to all the cats and dogs she has adopted. When she’s not writing, she’s reading or thinking about writing.

Having always loved to read and write, Devika Fernando made her dream come true in 2014 when she became a self-published novelist. The Amazon bestselling author has released several eBooks in the genres contemporary romance, paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Her German and Sri Lankan roots influence her writing.

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