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Tuesday Talk chats to  blogger Sharon Goodwin about work, writing and Michael Fassbender’s moves…

Good morning Shaz and welcome to Tuesday Talk.  Can I start by asking you to tell us a little bit about you…

Hi Jo, even though my boys are grown up my family is still the foundation from where I get to explore life and feel centered and grounded.  Working as an Inclusion Lead (with hardly time to breath most days), weekends and holidays keep me sane IMG_0797-001🙂

What is a typical day for you?

I’m fortunate that where I work isn’t far from where I live so my commute doesn’t take long and for most of the journey, minimum traffic.  So my day starts quite relaxed (and ends relaxed too)!

Although some of my time during the day might be ringfenced for meetings and other priority tasks, I’m responding to what is happening within our school community.  As you can imagine, no two days are the same and I love the variety!  One thing for sure, you have to be flexible and think on your feet.

We have a drop in at break times and lunch (emotional needs); injured children spend breaks in our room too as well as sick children waiting to be collected.  We’re very busy at the moment.  The summer holidays seem to have been an accident prone time for some of our children …

Yesterday I was scrutinising data and identifying children for interventions and liaising with Teaching Assistants who lead the programmes.  Today I have been in meetings all morning and with a cancelled meeting this afternoon I have used my time to write referrals and catch up with some of our SEN children.  Monday I am off site all morning at a meeting and I must make time to ensure the process for upcoming Annual Reviews are completed.

There is no typical day during term time Jo … but once I get home I can guarantee the laptop will go on and I’ll start catching up with other blogger’s posts and sharing on social media.  I’ll be blogging for JJ and answering emails.  There are some fabulous articles linked on social media too and I can often get distracted when my mind goes off in spirals!  After dinner we’ll be out for a dog walk (to restore balance) and I’ll spend time chatting to my family.  I’ll log on to my work emails and respond (so that the start to my day is less chaotic).  My evening ALWAYS finishes with reading.  No matter how late I pick up my current read or how exciting a book might be, I’m always relaxed and ready to slip into sleep after about an hour or so of reading (which is usually past midnight).

You live in Dorset which is a beautiful county.  Have you been there long?  What is best about living there?

I was born here Jo although my father was a Londoner and my mother a Devon lass.  I am grateful they settled in Dorset, as you say, there is so much beauty in and surrounding the county.  We have so much variety on our doorstep with leisure activities/eating out but the best bit is being so close to the coast!  We’re on the beach whatever the weather or season and it has the effect of stilling the mind and putting any negatives into perspective.  I couldn’t imagine being away from the sea for any length of time.

Jera’s Jamboree: when did you start your blog and how do you go about selecting books for review? 

I started blogging about books on JJ 5th Feb 2011.  The blog has been through many transformations since then and you may have noticed that I’ve combined my lifestyle blog (The Rose Petals) with JJ recently.

Books I choose to read can be because I’ve seen a review on social media, a recommendation from a friend, an email from a publicist, a browse on Netgalley or an author I’ve read in the past and they’ve become a favourite.  They all have in common the potential to hook in my emotions and provide an escape from everyday life; to make me believe that I’m living the life of the characters and that this is my world; to increase my pulse rate, make me laugh and make me cry 🙂

I don’t have as much time to read these days (oh how I long for a Saturday afternoon curled up with my book) so I am blessed to be able to choose the books I know I will enjoy.

You review a very wide range of books, do you have a favourite genre?

I don’t have a favourite (although I’ve read some really awesome fantasy books lately!).  I like to choose a genre that suits my mood and what’s happening in my life.  Books have the ability to lift your spirits and prompt deeper thoughts – or instead of buoying you up take you to the depths.  I guess reading for me is like someone else listening to music (although I love listening to music too!).  It’s not so much about the genre but the world you inhabit while you’re reading J

If you were planning to write a book which genre would you choose and why?

Well I have started writing two books (which will probably never see the light of day).  One after a workshop with Della Galton one Easter.  It started off as a romance but further planning it’s more like a romantic suspense (issue driven).  The characters still play as a movie in my sleep so I guess I need to get them out onto paper 🙂   I didn’t choose, the characters chose the direction Jo.

When we first arrived at our holiday cottage in Devon last month, I put pen to paper (with the first cup of tea!) inspired by the sight and sounds of the estuary.  It’s children’s fiction with a time travel theme looking at how the world has changed.  Perhaps the water inspired this gateway to another time!

 If you were holding a party which famous people would you ask and why?

I’d invite Jack Dee as I love his dry humour.  Eddie Izzard is interesting – there would be no quiet moments with him around!  Rita Ora would bring a bit of glamour and feminism.  Amy Schumer (besides being one of the most influential people – anyone who can fall on purpose on a red carpet has got to be a riot at a party) and finally, Michael Fassbender as my moves would look awesome compared to his!



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