Teri Riggs – Resolutions


 First of all many thanks to Jonty for asking me to join this Promo-Blitz for Terri Riggs and for sending me a copy of the book and a media pack for the review.

DEA agent Eve Taylor is a woman working in a predominately male environment.  She’s good at her job but when a mission goes sadly wrong she is taken prisoner. Resolutions, a company which specialises in hostage retrieval send Operative Dillon McKenna to rescue her. ‘Mac’ as he is known, is Eve’s ex-lover who parted company with Eve two years ago when he made her choose between him and her job.  Now he not only has to rescue her from Columbian Drug Baron Mendoza who has taken her prisoner, he also has to make sure he retrieves the flash drive carrying crucial information about the Drug Baron’s activities which are a potential threat to national security.  To add to his difficulties someone within Resolution is working for Mendoza and passing information on the duo’s whereabouts, so when Mac successfully frees Eve they find themselves playing a cat and mouse game with his thugs.

I really enjoyed this book; okay it was violent but given the subject material it was bound to be and I didn’t have any issues with that.  Eve is a real kick-ass female and Mac a protective alpha male. While Eve and Mac are trying to escape Mendoza’s men and locate the flash drive, they also have to deal with other more personal issues.  He is very protective of her; he loves her and his objections to her job come from his still raw memories of losing his own mother on active service in Iraq.  Eve on the other hand sees his reluctance to accept her chosen occupation as a purely chauvinistic one.  The attraction is still there and they soon reignite their physical relationship. However, that only goes part way to solving their problems.  The situations they have to cope with as the story unfolds slowly bring them both to new conclusions about each other and an eventual resolution – the book is well titled.

It’s well written and I had no idea who was working for Mendoza – there were a few clever character twists to keep me guessing.  All in all if you like a strong female lead in a sexy action read which keeps you turning pages then I can thoroughly recommend this book.  Definitely an Amazon five star read!