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Holiday, book and weather…in that order

Lots of different thoughts flying round today.  Rang our friends about the holiday only to find they are already packed (well Jan is).  It’s because she feels if she leaves things to the end of the week then she’ll be agonising over what to take and what to leave behind.  This way the case is full, locked and waiting for the journey to the airport.  Well, I can understand that line of thinking.  However, sometimes spontaneous packing works too and that’s what I tend to do.  Every year I promise myself that I’ll be organised and really think about what’s going in the case but every year I tend to take too much and half the clothes I bring back haven’t seen beyond the inside of the villa wardrobe!  This year, I’ve decided, it’s going to be different.  I’ll plan the whole trip meticulously, work out how much of everything I need to carry me through those seven days and then choose what to take and what to leave behind.  Will it work?  Well who knows, probably not.  But I’m up for a challenge anyway!

Today I’ve been writing my character profiles for the new book.  I need to set up a file to take with me on holiday so that I can refer to these while putting the whole storyline together.  Amazing that what started out as just a thread of an idea has now expanded into something much bigger with sub-plots which as in all my other books, will run alongside the main story. Very exciting times, but looking forward even more to getting started on the writing.  This will be the last book in the series, I plan to move onto something completely different in 2013.

Weather – well it’s all over isn’t it?  Summer.  Well that’s what we called it but at times it was anything but.  And now it’s not light till well after 5am and it’s dark by 8.30 in the evening.  After yesterday’s rain it was lovely to see the sun again this morning.  However, on venturing outside there was a distinct dampness in the air and a definite feel of autumn.  And of course, now the stores are beginning to display winter clothing and Christmas cards will be on sale soon, we really are shutting the door on the Summer of 2012.  A summer memorable for all the wrong reasons.  Here’s hoping 2013 is a little better!


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