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It’s Wednesday So What Am I going to Write?

Cut and colour at the village hairdressers this morning.  All of life is there, especially today.  One woman turned up insisting she had an appointment today and threatening a protest of Greenham Common proportions if she didn’t get what she wanted.  Then we nearly had an A & E moment.  An older lady fell over and cut her head open outside the village shop.  Luckily there was someone to take her down to our local health centre for stitches.

Work was work.  Usual handover, interviews for a new student to start in September, quite a lot to fit into a week reduced to two days including getting the July payroll returns underway.  Have a family funeral on Friday (hence the shorter week)  which has triggered a new bout of indecision for me as I figure out what to wear.  A wedding?  That’s easy.  A funeral?  Well it’s a celebration of someone’s life and I guess knowing my cousin, he’d want us to be cheerful, so I think maybe mixing in some subtle colour with black will do the trick!

Tomorrow have to take cats to vet.  They’ve both been microchipped and now I’ve received a letter from the supplier saying theirs might be part of a faulty batch.  So they have to be scanned and if they are found to have microchips from this faulty batch then they have to be redone.  No cost to us so that’s one good thing!

Dallas is back!  I really loved the eighties series; in fact my triology was probably created with memories of Southfork in mind.  West Somerset isn’t exactly Texas and theres not so much of a whiff of an Oil Barons’ Ball but hey, Mel Carpenter (Ella’s evil mother) could see off JR!  I loved the whole premise of Dallas – of good and evil, although there was something about JR which made you realise that although he did some awful things, it was all about being the eldest, running the show and having the world turn his way.  He just wasn’t fussy about how he achieved those aims, that’s all.  Bobby I wanted to shake; he was just too good, too honest and wide open for JR to run rings around him.  I see Linda Gray is back looking just as glamorous and of course, John Ross and Christopher (I think?), two new gorgeous young men to add to the cast.  Am really looking forward to the first episode, no doubt the ratings will go the roof!

So if you loved Dallas in the eighties and all the devious goings on, you’d enjoy the Behind Blue Eyes trilogy and all the devious goings on there –  each e-book is a snip at £1.75!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday So What Am I going to Write?

  1. I loved Dallas, And I can say I loved all your bookss in Behind the Blue Eyes Trilogy. Interestingly, I will be watching the new Dallas and I am reading on my Kindle your new book, Between Today and Yesterday, what a coincidence!

    1. It just might be that the return of Dallas might stimulate interest in the UK to do something similar. Maybe it’s a good time for me to pitch the trilogy at potential drama producers here Pauline!

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