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Journey’s End? Not Quite

So here we are at last – journey’s end.  I can’t believe I’ve finished the manuscript, it’s been edited and now everything has gone off to the publisher.  Mind you there’s still a fair way to go before the whole thing is available to the public.  Jane Dixon-Smith my cover designer now has to liaise with James at Authors on Line.  James has to set the book up and let Jane know how many pagesthere will be, Then Jane will load the cover into the template he sends her.  Once completed this all goes back to James and cover and book go to the printers.  I then receive a draft copy for final checks and if I’m happy then we can publish!

If the truth be known I feel I’m in a bit of a vacuum at the moment.  My baby has gone; a project I’ve spent so much blood,sweat and tears ove during the past 18 months.  When the trilogy was finished and published I had a few scenes already down for this book, but had no idea how it would develop.  I had the core of the story but knew in order to make it into a complete book, other characters had to come in with their own stories which would in some way tie in to the main thread of the journey.  Some of the old characters have been left out as there was no way they needed to be involved on this occasion.  However, I think Between Today and Yesterday finishes in a way which means a fifth book is possible.  And from the fragments which I’m currently collecting, it will be as unputdownable as all the others and those are not my words!