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The Gas Man Cometh

It’s Monday today, although it actually feels like Sunday.  I get thoroughly disoreientated over Bank Holiday weekends now I only work part time.  By the time I finish work completely, I’ll be totally confused!

The week started off well.  Tuesday morning enter one plumber and assistant to tear out old leaking boiler and replace it with a brand new one.  In the fitting of this we lose our hot water tank and cold water tank in the roof.  Everything comes straight off the mains now, that’s how a combi boiler works apparently.

Wednesday I leave for work around 10 am.  Floorboards are up and I’m hopeful when they nail them back down neither of the cats is beneath them!

Thursday morning we can have a shower, everything up and running and is so powerful that it has the potential to blow you through the window and out into the garden.  It will obviously need adjustment and some getting used to.

Friday evening I arrive home to find a utilities van outside the house.  They’ve hit a snag.  The main gas pipe into the house is not sufficient in circumference to feed the new boiler.  It’s registering 14 when the minimum is 18.  ~We are told they will return on Sunday to did up the road and put in a new pipe.  Am glad we have no street party booked otherwise there would have been total chaos.

Sunday a crew of four arrive, dig two holes, fit pipe and leave.  Holes are surrounded by large plastic barriers waiting for another crew to come and fill in properly and tarmac.  From other examples I’ve seen in the past, we could be looking at weeks with these mole hills!  Our problem is sorted, gas now registering 21 – woo hoo!  Well within the limits.  Neighbour opposite is away, although car left on drive.  Am hoping he’s gone for a week because the utilites men have partially blocked his driveway with their orange plastic barriers.  He will not be pleased if he returns.

Monday (today) plumber has returned to commission boiler.  Heating must be run to achieve this.  I’m wilting!  Radiators are so hot you can’t touch them!  At least it looks good for winter says she trying to be positive.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Jubilee Holiday and am hoping this will be quiet and totally non-eventful!