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Pet Ownership is a very Stressful thing

Am glad to report that at 10.20pm last night my neighbour (who is my cats’ holiday mother) rang to say Max had just walked in the door and was looking for food!  Alls well that ends well, but a missing animal, be it a cat or any other pet can be so stressful and I really feel for those owners who never get any closure either with their pet returning or at least finding a body.  At 9.00 pm we were both walking down nearby Shockerwick Lane which is bordered by banks and high hedges and one or two luxury homes calling for this little absconder.  When a mile of walking had achieved no positive results we headed back.  It was cool – the sun setting to the west of the city spilled its last rays eastwards and lit up the Bath stone of the village houses across the valley.  it was so peaceful that for a moment I forgot one missing cat and felt both glad and priviledged to I live where I do. It’s such a magic part of the West Country.

Today we are back to normal, Max and Mollie in for food at around 7.30am then off to hunt or sleep in the long grass or a shady border.  It’s 3.30 now and Mollie has just showed up again, only to disappear just as quickly.   Our last cat was twelve when he died and you tend to forget how their life cycle changes as they grow. That when they are young they have boundless energy and the need to explore, sometimes a fair way from their home. Cats are free spirits, they write their own rulebook and we poor humans are merely here to serve and on occasions like yesterday worry!


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