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The Olympic torch passed through Bath yesterday on its way through the West Country.  There has been so much enthusiasm and goodwill en route – the crowds have come out in force to watch the torch bearers and their accompanying entourage (buses, Gold BMWs,police and minders).  I don’t think there has ever been such a year for celebration with the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics happening within months of each other.  2012 certainly is turning out to be an eventful year.

And talking of events, to coinicide with the Jubilee weekend, I’m offering a 24 hour window to download free electronic copies of my trilogy.  This is in the run up to publication of my fourth novel, which ties in with the other three.  The only proviso my publisher has made is that it is done through them and not Amazon.  So I will be in touch later with details of how you can get hold of these three books.