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I’m writing my January update on a bright, sunny morning. We’ve had a few days of grey and now to be greeted by a day of brilliant sunshine is a bonus. They have been few and far between during these winter months.

January is my least favourite month of the year. After all the buzz of activity leading up to the Festive Season, and this year the ability to see friends and family beyond the Covid allocated ‘bubble’ of last year, January has predictably been a flat month.   This year, however, I’ve looked beyond those first thirty one days of 2022. Instead, I’ve booked two holidays, been working on my latest novel and generally been looking forward.  Okay we still have Covid, something that’s going to be with us for a good while yet, and I still have two more years of post-cancer monitoring, but generally life is good. I can’t complain.

This week we were at our first live music concert since 2019.  Singer/songwriter Paul Carrack, who has been with bands like Ace, Squeeze and latterly Mike and the Mechanics, kicked off his UK tour here in Bath.  We had previously booked to see him in early 2021, but Covid and lockdown saw the tour cancelled and rescheduled for August.  Sadly that was cancelled too.  We crossed fingers when the January date was announced and although there was not a full house that night, those who attended proved an enthusiastic and appreciative audience.  He performed many of his hits, together with tracks from his new album, which was written during lockdown.   

 Currently my writing is going well.  The new book is in two parts – Present day and six years previously.  I’m about two thirds of the way through the ‘past’ section, which is narrated by my main female character.  I hope to finish this by mid-Feb then edit and move on to part two, which will be written from the third person.  The characters are behaving themselves for a change which means I’m making good progress. Watch this space!

And finally, my January reads.  2022 has begun with a great selection of books, all four and five star reviews.  I usually prefer psychological thrillers but having read all of Lorna Cook’s novels, I couldn’t resist adding her latest to my list. And I’m glad I did. Once again she has produced an amazing read set in Paris during WWII and present day. 


So that’s all for now. Back next month.

Best wishes



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9 thoughts on “JANUARY UPDATE…

  1. A shame about the concert, flipping Covid is a pain. I hope you get your holidays. We all need one and I think I shall fit nicely into your suitcase, the destination is not important, I’ll come with you anywhere. Good luck with your writing, sounds wonderful. I am slow reading these days concentration seems shot. Have a fab month, enjoying your posts. Jane x

    1. Thanks Jane, we are going back to Suffolk again in June and staying somewhere between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales in May. Hope to get away in September too but not sure where. Devon and Cornwall are on the back burner this year but would ideally like something coastal – maybe Pembrokeshire? I’m finding this current book is going in fits and starts which is unusual for me. Think this will be my last one and I’ll concentrate on reading and reviewing instead xx

      1. Oh that would be a shame. Have you had enough writing? It is time consuming and emotionally draining I know. Your holidays sound fab, perhaps do a travel blog?

    2. Hi Jane, I think I’ll probably revamp some of my original novels which have been withdrawn from Amazon. That should keep me busy for a while without having to sit down and create new material. After that? Who knows, I may get the creative spark back again xx

      1. Well, if you want an author spot any time let me know. I would hate to see you disappear. it is such hard work writing and promoting I know. But don’t give up. xx Oh! and stay in touch. xx

  2. Pleased all going well for you, especially the writing and having a couple if holidays to look forward to. Life slowly but surely returning to normal. Have not been to a concert for a long time, an jealous. 😀

    1. This current book is proving a bit of a beast to write. Stop and go all the time, but the story is in my head, and I’m determined to get there. Re the concert, I must admit I was a little worried at our first outing within a very large group of people, but masks were worn and people behaved well. He did get everyone singing at the end though, which made me wonder whether that was a safe thing to do. However, here I am, a fortnight on and OK. The friends we went with are OK too. Holidays cannot come too soon for me. Last year we did Norfolk, Cornwall and South Devon.. Giving the South West a miss this year although still looking for somewhere in September. Am sure we will eventually find a good destination. Take care and maybe see you soon?? xx

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