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Well this update has been a long time coming as I completely missed April. Work on the book took up a lot of my time. This second part of a three book series has led me a real dance. I have even changed the cover, deciding to use the original for my next, final story in the trilogy. Both Shadows on the Water and my current WIP had originally been work for a publisher. However, confronted with major surgery in January 2020 plus post op chemo being a bit of an unknown until the operation had been completed, I decided to bow out gracefully. I wasn’t sure at the time when or if I would be writing again. Ironically it became something of a saviour (together with a daily walk) as I gradually built up my strength and got back to normal. Fortunately no chemo was needed and three days after discharge I began walking. Living on a hill meant my first efforts were just that, an effort, but little by little I extended my walk each day and within a few weeks could stay out quite comfortably for an hour. This, along with healthy eating, has now become a part of my daily regime since my discharge in March 2020.

Writing came later. At one point I simply read and reviewed for Netgalley and publishers who offered me pre-publication copies. However, the pull was too great and I knew I couldn’t keep away from my manuscript indefinitely. The first morning I sat back behind the computer and opened up the document I could see there was a lot of work to be done. It was set to be the second part of a trilogy. Now, going back to being an indie author, it needed to be turned into the first book of a new series. Some restructuring of the story, a new location and character name changes were only some of the things needed to turn this manuscript around. It was a big job but the farther I got into the writing the more convinced I became that I’d made the right decision. Shadows on the Water was eventually published in July 2020. The sequel, which I am working on at the moment, was part written, which in some ways made it easier than working on an already completed piece of work.

And now here we are. Book two almost complete. Edits at an end, formatting due later this month. The only thing still to be sorted is that elusive tag line for the cover. The smallest, but sometimes most difficult thing to decide on. Still, no doubt that lightbulb moment will eventually arrive. It always does.

Moving on to more general things, May and all its sharp showers meant a bit of an interruption to our daily walk. Getting away on holiday to Norfolk a few weeks ago with no usual domestic commitments on our time at least gave us the opportunity to concentrate of getting out and avoiding the showers. Luckily most of them arrived around six pm or overnight so in the main, our days were good. When the sun showed its face it was hot, but we still had that chilly wind that chased us through most of May. This was our third trip to Wells Next The Sea. It’s a great place to escape to. Ideal for both families and dog owners. During our time there we met up with friends who had retired there more than 15 years ago. They love the easy pace of life and the friendliness of the locals. The Broads aren’t too far away, which gives them an option to hire a boat and spend time on the water. Sadly it’s a destination we have yet to reach, but it’s on our list.

Next month we are back in Dartmouth. It will be interesting to see how this town has survived in the aftermath of lockdowns. I’ve always loved coming here, despite the fact it’s usually filled with day trippers. A trip out to the castle is a great way to walk off lunch and get away from the crowds. And in the evening, when things have quietened down, nothing is better than walking along beside the water as we make our way into the town for dinner. The last time we were here was in September 2019 when we visited Greenway, Agatha Christie’s beautiful riverside home.

Agatha Christie’s 1st editions and a script from Poirot

And finally, these are my reads/reviews for April/May. I usually read four a month but with the holiday in May added a couple more.

So that’s my update for April/May. June will be busy. Final checks on the MS followed by a read through by beta readers and then, formatting. Now all I have to do is get that tagline sorted!

See you next month!

Jo x


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  1. Am so pleased to hear all is well again – you’ve been through a tough time lately! And good you are writing. I honestly don’t know where you find the time to write and read all those books! You holiday was well needed. Good you enjoyed. 🙂

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