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Now that Christmas has come and gone, we’re looking forward to a new year. 2021 will see me setting a fresh reading target with Goodreads.  I’ve been involved in the reading challenge since 2015 and 2017 was my best year with 60 books completed and reviewed. This year I began with a modest 40 titles, which has ended with 67 books read and reviewed!  Covid has been a contributory factor, as it probably has been for many people who, like me, have turned to reading to fill in time usually spent on activities outside the four walls of home.

Having completed 67 books (it will actually be 68 as I’m currently coming to the end of The Catch by T M Logan) it has been an extremely difficult job to pick ten titles.  There have been many five star reviews; books that have entertained and which I have enjoyed.  In creating this list I have looked at all of my 2020 reads and tried to find the ones which, for me, had that extra something.

So here’s my list and although there are ten, they all have an equal placing as my favourites of 2020.  There’s quite a variety here – a lot of psychological thrillers, yes, as I’ve developed quite a taste for them. But you’ll also find romance, crime and a couple of historical novels in the mix. As a lover of fantasy-  and Arthurian legend in particular – it was also great to discover a new author this year – James Wilde.  His trilogy Pendragon, Dark Age and The Bear King also deserve a mention.




So that’s it for another year, but there’s no let up for me. As a Netgalley reader and reviewer I’ve already completed my first 2021 novel – Wendy Dranfield’s Find My Child, due to be published on 25th January. It’s her debut for Bookouture and I have to say she’s set the bar high for the coming year.



Wishing you all a safe and healthy new year. I’ll be back in January with my monthly update.


Best wishes


Jo x


Directs fictional destinies. Living on the edge of a wonderful Georgian city. Addicted to Arthurian legend, good wine, and rock music. Writes...mostly about love

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