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Today, I’m pleased to welcome author Lizzie Lamb onto my blog.  Her latest book Harper’s Highland Fling was published on 9th November and is her seventh Scottish themed novel, all of which feature feisty heroines and handsome, kilted heroes.



After a gruelling academic year head teacher Harper MacDonald is looking forward to a summer holiday trekking in Nepal. Her plans are scuppered when her wayward niece, Ariel, leaves a note announcing she’s running away with a boy called Pen. The only clue to their whereabouts is a scribbled footnote: I’ll Be in Scotland.

Cue a case of mistaken identity when Harper confronts the boy‘s father – Rocco Penhaligon – accusing him of cradle snatching her niece and ruining her bright future. At loggerheads, Harper and Rocco set off in hot pursuit of the teenagers, but the canny youngsters are always one step ahead.  And, in a neat twist, it is the adults who end up in trouble, not the savvy teenagers.

Can Cupid convince Harper and Rocco that they have found their soul mates?

Fasten your seatbelt for the road trip of your lifetime –

It’s going to be a bumpy ride.




After looking through various stock photo websites for the cover of Harper’s Highland Fling, I stumbled across Stuart McIntyre’s fabulous portfolio of wedding photos, most of which feature Scottish locations.  I found an image I liked and asked Stuart if I could use it for the front cover of my book. Not only did he agree, he went the extra mile and contacted the young couple featured in the photograph, asking them if they minded being featured on a book cover. Luckily they said ‘YES’. All they asked in return was a signed paperback, which I was happy to send to them soon after publication day.  We have since become friends on Instagram, but the story doesn’t end there. Stuart’s offices are in Hamilton (near Glasgow), close to where my mother and father had their first home and two miles from where I was born (Craigneuk). Since this book is dedicated to my mother I feel like I’ve come full circle. My mother died before I published my first novel so this feels right, somehow. Everyone has said how much they love the cover; so romantic, so atmospheric. It was created by Gail Bradley and we plan to redesign all my covers in 2021. I hope that Stuart will be able to provide me with another stunning photograph for #7 – working title: Dark Highland Skies using one of the photographs from his other website).



After teaching her 1000th pupil and working as a deputy head teacher in a large primary school, Lizzie decided to pursue her first love: writing. She joined the Romantic Novelists’ Association’s New Writers’ Scheme, wrote Tall, Dark and Kilted (2012), quickly followed by Boot Camp Bride. She went on to publish Scotch on the Rocks, which achieved Best Seller status within two weeks of appearing on Amazon and her next novel, Girl in the Castle, reached #3 in the Amazon charts. Lizzie is a founder member of indie publishing group – New Romantics Press, and has hosted author events at Aspinall, St Pancras and Waterstones, Kensington, talking about the research which underpins her novels. Lizzie romance Take Me, I’m Yours, set in Wisconsin, also achieved BEST SELLER status >travel>USA. Her latest novel – Harper’s Highland Fling – has been declared her ‘best one yet’ by readers and reviewers. In it, two warring guardians are forced to join forces and set off in hot pursuit of a runaway niece and son. She has further Scottish-themed romances planned and spends most of the summer touring the Scottish Highlands researching men in kilts. As for the years she spent as a teacher, they haven’t quite gone to waste as she is building a reputation as a go-to speaker on indie publishing, and how to plan, write, and publish your debut novel

Lizzie lives in Leicestershire (UK) with her husband, David.

She loves to hear from readers, so do get in touch . . .

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Directs fictional destinies. Living on the edge of a wonderful Georgian city. Addicted to Arthurian legend, good wine, and rock music. Writes...mostly about love


  1. Dear Jo, thank you for featuring me on your blog. You have been an amazing support as I’ve worked hard to publish a book under difficult circumstances (C-19). I am still in love with my cover and am looking forward to the new year when Gail and I work together on updating the other five (!)

  2. Brilliant post! I love the cover (and the book, of course LOL) and I am looking forward to seeing the updates for Lizzie’s previous books! 🙂

    1. Thank you for popping over and joining us, Isabella. It’s great to have a reader (as opposed to a writer) as a friend. I always value your opinion and your help and support is never taken for granted. Hope we can meet up in 2021 when its safe to do so.

  3. Great post, Jo.
    I love Lizzie’s books; she always seems able to catch a trend. Her new one features slightly older than usual main characters on a great Highland chase. Absolutely gorgeous read!

    1. Hi June, looks like putting our heads together and thinking about ‘older characters’ as hero/heroine has paid off. Well, in this novel at any rate. Readers seem to like a slightly ‘wounded’ hero, too and one reviewer said that she liked the ‘single dad’ trope for a change.

  4. Lovely how things connect. I love your cover too. How wonderful. Well, Lizzie, we have all come a long way since Writers for Welfare and Telling Tales. Whoda thunk it. Continued success.

    1. Hi Jane, I was just thinking about that the other day. We’ve kept on going, haven’t we? I remember reading somewhere that it takes five or six books before an author to find her ‘feet’. Perhaps that’s why Harper’s has received such a wonderful reception from readers. Will be starting #7 after Christmas . . . no rest for the wicked. LOL.

      1. You know what they say, ‘every no leads to a yes,’ and if you never try how can you succeed?’ Too true. Good to see you doing so well. Happy 2021. xx

  5. What a glorious story behind the story! I adored the photo as soon as I saw it, which was a while before it became a cover, I’m thrilled it all worked out so beautifully. Fabulous novel, superb romantic novelist and a delightful blog, Jo – good work.
    Trouble is, these characters really do stay with you … they’re so REAL!
    You never know, we might get a sequel but whatever Lizzie comes up with next, I just know this reader will fall in love all over again! X

    1. Thanks for joining in the blog, Adrienne. As a writer, you know how hard it is to find the perfect cover. I was so lucky to find Stuart and Gail – what a great team. Once I’ve recovered (!) from writing this one I’ll get on with the next – another great hero is waiting in the wings.

    1. Hi Kit, we seem to be chasing/following each other around on social media these days!! Glad to see that you are well and continuing with the writing and editing. Thank you for your kind remarks 🙂

  6. Reblogged this on Lizzie Lamb – author and commented:
    Many thanks to fellow RNA member and great writer Jo Lambert for featuring me on her blog. I adore the cover of Harper’s Highland Fling and I hope you enjoy reading the story of how I found it.

  7. Wonderful that a real couple feature on the front cover: they must be thrilled with this souvenir of their day. I expect they enjoyed the brilliant story.

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