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LIFE PLAYLISTS: This week it’s reader and blogger Kerry Robinson’s turn to make those five special choices…


I’m Kerry Robinson and I blog over at Herding Cats. I am a wife, mother of two, a primary school teacher and an avid reader. When I’m not reading, working or doing family things, I can be found rehearsing with a local theatre group or enjoying a glass of wine in-front of the TV. I’m delighted to be joining Life Tracks today as I’ve loved music since I was very young and many of my memories are tied up in song.



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1. Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel

On our wedding day we had decided not to bother with a first dance and didn’t really have ‘a song’ but my husband surprised me with this one and although the content of the song isn’t very romantic – it was such a fun song to have and a lovely surprise.

2. Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen

This song is just immense. Stevie has such a beautiful voice and this is an epic song. I love this one because until about three years ago I was scared to sing in front of people. I mean really scared – couldn’t even sing a jingle if friends asked me how it went. I was convinced that I couldn’t sing, and my husband disagreed, so we made a bet and I took singing lessons. On my first lesson I told my coach that I’d love to sing this song, but I knew it was well out of my ability. Several months later and I was singing it. I’m no Stevie but I did it. Now I belt it out whenever I hear it.

3. Van Halen – Little Dreamer

Both my husband and I are huge Van Halen fans and listened to them all the time. This song in particular reminds me of when we moved to Hertfordshire. It was such a big move for the two of us as we were only in our early 20s. Chris had a university placement year and I was going to start my first teaching job. We listened to Van Halen – by Van Halen for the drive down there.

4. Paloma Faith – Make Your Own Kind of Music

In August we met and adopted our daughter. She is a huge music fan and has a fantastic voice at such a young age. One of the songs we used to play in the car during our first meets was this one and as well as being a beautiful song, it will always remind me of those first days we spent together.

5. Middle of the Road – Chirpy Cheep

This seems like a completely random choice and this song drives me insane but it has such a special meaning that I couldn’t leave it out. It’s a song my mother always used to sing (badly and out of tune) when I was a small child so I grew up knowing it but when my son was a toddler it was the only song that would get him to settle down and go to sleep. He called it Sherpy Sheep. Despite listening to it umpteen times a day, it will always make me smile and remind me of him.



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