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This was great fun and relatively easy for me because all the selected songs are featured in my novel That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel.
I’m Irish, so music is in my DNA. Music filled our house from morning to night, my father Harry, was a trumpet-player who loved jazz, classical, pop, you name it, he even played in a brass band and introduced us to some wonderful colliery tunes.
We all loved to dance – ballet, tap, rock ‘n’ roll and I was taught The Twist by my aunts at a very tender age. I still know the words to most Billie Holiday songs and quite a few of Ella Fitzgerald’s too!
That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel is a gripping, romantic suspense staring Mia Flanagan, a costumier in the film business whose mother is a famous actress. Mia has never been told who her father is, and when Archie Fitzgerald, one of Hollywood’s favourites, decides to leave her his Irish estate she wonders, is he her father after all?
Set on the sunny east coast of Ireland, the music of the past is the backdrop to this contemporary tale of jealousy and betrayal, with as many dramatic twists and turns as these wonderful songs portray. Here goes…
The story opens with a young couple bursting through a secret door into a crowded library, where only minutes before Archie was playing Tiny Dancer on the piano … this song resonates with my Saturday job in Golden Discs in Dublin.
Playlist 1: Tiny Dancer by Elton John & Bernie Taupin – Tiny Dancer was released in 1971.

Fast forward to student days at the Dublin College of Journalism – Golden Years indeed! My hero, David Bowie has been a mentor in so many ways.

Playlist 2: David Bowie – Golden Years, from his 1976 album Station to Station.

As a young journalist, I worked in magazines and loved interviewing stars and celebrities. In a very ritzy cocktail bar in Covent Garden a tall, handsome man paid for my drink as I stood at the bar … yes, the divine Mr Bryan Ferry. Quite a few years later I reminded him I owed him a drink … Avalon is one of the most romantic songs I’ve ever heard and still adore it.


Adrienne & Bryan Ferry


Playlist 3: Roxy Music – Avalon – 1982 written by Bryan Ferry

I came late to this one and having been the proud owner of a beautiful horse who was a complete gentleman, I totally identify with this. It also resonates as the perfect lament to a lost love, or a love who has passed. Exquisite.

Playlist 4: Ride On by Jimmy McCarthy recorded by Christy Moore in 1984

And finally, the unique Elvis Costello. Last year my husband bought me a record player for our wedding anniversary. It’s in my writing shed with my collection of vinyl which includes an LP called That Summer – and features Watching the Detectives, which I still play over …and over…

Playlist 5: Watching the Detectives by Elivs Costello – 1977

Thanks for this wonderful delve into my book and my music Jo. Loved it.
Keeping singing, keep dancing, keep writing.
Adrienne X

Adrienne Vaughan – Author

AV-AuthorAdrienne Vaughan has been making up stories since she could speak; as soon as she could pick up a pen she started writing them down. No surprise she wanted to be a journalist, ideally the editor of a glossy magazine, where she could meet and marry a rock star! Today, she runs a busy PR practice, writing novels, poems and short stories in her spare time.
With Irish parents, Adrienne was born in England and brought up in Dublin. She now lives in rural Leicestershire with husband, Jonathan and a rescue cat called Agatha Christie – ‘So named because we never know who she’s going to kill next!’
They have a home in the Wicklow Mountains in Ireland and visit often. Although being a writer has always been her dream, Adrienne admits she still harbours a burning ambition to be a Bond girl.
To date she has written three award-winning standalone novels in The Heartfelt Series, The Hollow Heart, A Change of Heart and Secrets of the Heart. Her latest novel That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel is enjoying some fabulous reviews and her highly-acclaimed short story anthology Fur Coat & No Knickers is also available – as are all her other books – as both eBooks and paperbacks from Amazon.
Adrienne Vaughan is an award-winning author of 5 Star romantic suspense.

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Directs fictional destinies. Living on the edge of a wonderful Georgian city. Addicted to Arthurian legend, good wine, and rock music. Writes...mostly about love


    1. You’ve met Brian Ferry ? You never said – just kidding. Great choices here Ade and I’ve always been a fan of Elvis Costello. I was teaching the English Civil War I always managed to sneak in a bit of ‘Oliver’s Army’, just for fun. Disappointed there was no Bob Dylan or Leonard Cohen 😳. Okay I’ll get my coat now! If anyone is looking for a great book to read the note to head off in the direction of summer at the seahorse hotel. Fab.

      1. Excuse auto correct. Trying to type this on my phone, in the car, without my reading glasses.

      2. Oi cheeky! I can imagine you getting down to Oliver’s Army and the students looking agog! Soz, your faves didn’t make my list … forgot Adele too??? … Thanks for the plug, matey. XXX

  1. What a great choice of tracks, Ade. Love the stories behind them. I could actually picture you standing at that bar when Mr Ferry paid for your drink. Swoon! The Elvis Costello song takes me back. I’ll be singing that all day now. Lovely post, Ade & Jo 🙂 Xx

    1. Oh yes, Jan … Mr Ferry very politely said when I reminded him, ‘Oh, I think I remember that.’ and gave me a huge grin. (Swoon, again!) I have an idea for a novel called Watching the Detectives, based on my mom’s career as a store detective in Dublin in the 70’s … hmmmm. X

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