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Trespassing Through Life, by Kat Gabriel

Genre: Literary / Commercial Crossover


In the world of high stakes horse racing among wealthy patrons in the Middle East, Petra Friedland has a demanding and exciting career but feels her personal life is short-changed. Time is ticking away and Petra is haunted by failed relationships and the prospect of a bleak future.

A hot but complicated affair with a younger man awakens a long forgotten passion for life within Petra, compelling her to choose whether to risk the stability she has fought so hard to achieve in order to search for the happy equilibrium she yearns for.

She makes a plan but questions how far is she willing to go – balancing the emotional, material, and physical costs – to achieve happiness and fulfilment.

Will new adventures bring satisfaction or will the past catch up to destroy Petra’s efforts to build a new life?

Trespassing Through Life offers a glimpse into contrasting cultures, illustrated within the exotic and titillating world of equestrianism, thoroughbred racing, and international travel.


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The sun was warm and the sand was soft. Petra shifted her deck chair to the shade of the parasol. At the end of June the tourist season was picking up and every day the beaches became more crowded. Being used to the scorching heat and lukewarm waters of the Emirate, Petra had not yet acclimatized sufficiently to join the swimmers, preferring instead to keep cool in the shade. This is so pleasant, she thought. Just right in fact. Here, she did not have to think about whether her tops had long enough sleeves or if her shorts and skirts were too short. She could openly flirt with passers-by, there was always someone to talk to, and no one looked twice at a woman sitting alone at a table in a café, bar, beach, or restaurant. Yet again, Petra felt sure she had not been wrong about getting out; slightly mad perhaps as what other 50-year- old would do something like this? But she hung onto the thought that great love and great achievements involve great risk. Taking a sip of the ice-cold lime and soda Petra closed her eyes and thought back, not only to her days in the scorching Emirate, and what had triggered her to leave behind such a large and important part of her life.

On her penultimate morning in the Emirate she had slept late, taken a leisurely breakfast, and gone to the Nadi Dar Il Dukhan track. For the season’s final day of racing the Emirate had put its best foot forward. Racing had become big business and held tremendous entertainment value for citizens, expats, and visitors alike. People from all walks of life turned up for the day.

Of the seven races on the race card, Matilda, or Mattie as she was fondly called, was in four of them. Mattie’s yard enjoyed great success that day and at the ensuing party at the yard majlis, Petra spotted Elias arriving with Dr Franco, the race course resident veterinarian.

Elias! The adventure which had landed her on this Maltese beach had started one evening about two years ago.



I’ve lived as an ex-patriate since the age of 15 on four continents and in seven countries. By profession I am a journalist and an equestrian instructor. This is my first completed novel (of several planned) where I’ve put fictional characters, events and places to work illustrating the observations I’ve made regarding the fate, emotional dilemmas and life quandaries within multi-cultural international communities. In the past six years I’ve been in the employ of an Arab Royal family which has given me valuable experience and insight into Islamic culture. Because of the roles I adopt, I’ve decided to write under the name Kat Gabriel, which is an abbreviation of my real name (Katarina Gabriella Lauri).