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Tuesday Talk catches up with reviewer Kaisha Holloway as she talks about her love of books, favourite authors and some interesting dinner guests…

PicGood morning Kaisha and welcome. Can I start, as always, by asking you a little about yourself?

Hi Jo, thank you so much for having me on your blog today! Of course! As you know already, I’m Kaisha, which just happens to be the sort of name which you DO NOT find on souvenirs in a shop. Sob. I’m 27 years old and I have a three year old daughter called, Eva. I have been a single mum since I found out that I was pregnant so my ‘job’ is to look after her, and hopefully find a freelance/remote job in this industry! Oh, and I waffle on, sorry!

When did you decide to start your blog The Writing Garnet and what prompted that decision?

I have had my nose in books from the moment that I could read. Books have always been my ‘escape’ and when I became more ill the need to ‘escape’ became more persistent. One day I googled blogs as I wanted to find out if I could actually do it before I attached myself to the idea. It seemed straight forward enough and so on the 15th March 2016, The Writing Garnet was born!

What genre do you enjoy best?

Super tough question! I may waffle even though it’s a simple question ha-ha. I used to be a chic-lit buff in my teens, always stuck to the same sort of genre. But, as I grew up, genres such as psychological thrillers, contemporary fiction, and historical fiction decided to join chic-lit. So, in answer to your question, all four genres I have mentioned above are ones I enjoy on the same level.

You read an enormous number of books and I gather you’re able to do this because you speed read. Where did you learn to do this?

Fabulous question! Yes, that is the case. Erm, I don’t actually think I learnt how to do it anywhere as such. I have never known myself NOT to speed read, if that makes sense. Nobody believed me when I was a teen and I used to say that I was able to speed read, so I had my mum test me to show people that I actually retained the information in the book!

Have you ever been tempted to write a novel?

I have, yes. When I was 14 I sent Random House a story on note paper that I had hand written, completely oblivious to the process! I did get a reply from them saying that I was to keep on writing, which was so lovely of them. 13 years later and I still have zilch confidence to finally take the plunge. Although, I am wanting to write a non-fiction book about several issues I have been through and are going through, purely to raise awareness for other people. I just need to….do it.

Who are your favourite authors?

Tough one! I have LOADS! Let’s see, Sue Watson, Darcie Boleyn, Sam Carrington, KL Slater, Miranda Dickinson, Trisha Ashley, Cathy Bramley, Carole Matthews, Lisa Dickenson, Sue Fortin, Liane Moriarty, Kitty French, Kerry Fisher, Cathy Glass, Jacqueline Wilson, Cathy Cassidy, Carol Wyer, Heidi Swain & Diane Jeffrey to name a few. I do have a lot more but the list would go on, and on, and on lol.

And lastly, you are organising a dinner party and can invite four guests. They can be real or fictitious. Who would you choose and why?

Oh good question! Yet another toughie. I would choose Alice Rose from Trisha Ashley’s ‘The Little Teashop of Lost and Found‘, because she is such an incredible character to read about. She’s tough, sassy, absolutely hilarious and very memorable. I adored her.

Maggie O’Hara from Emma Heatherington’s ‘The Legacy of Lucy Harte‘, because she was such a mesmerising and humble character throughout the entire novel. I would love to be able to truly get to know the real her, although I probably would get very, very emotional!

My next guest, I hope this is allowed, would be Nelson Mandela. For some unknown reason, he has always found a way into my soul with his story, his words and energy. Like a lot of people, I was devastated when he passed away. For as long as I can remember, I have always looked up to him and his story hit home in more ways than one. Incredible man.

Lastly, I hope this one is allowed too, Emmeline Pankhurst. I probably sound like THE geekiest person ever now but never mind! Many moons ago, I had to do a home-school project on the Suffragette’s and I was absolutely blown away by the amount of courage that she, and the rest of the ladies, had. I would love to be able to sit down with her and find out why? How? just everything. Incredible woman.



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