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thU3HW0ZSYIt’s party time – well not quite.  I’m holding off breaking out the bubbly for a few more weeks.  The good news is, however, that Summer Moved On is finished at last.  It’s been a long hard slog but eventually, with the help of my brilliant editor Elaine Denning, it’s all come together.

This book was difficult to write probably because the last five were all connected.  As a series of books following the lives and loves of several families writing each book came with an already established cast and setting.  OK as the years rolled on we were introduced to new members of the family, but there were always the original characters in the background to provide structure and familiarity.  Writing Summer Moved On at times felt like being out on a high wire without a net.  New location (South Devon) and the need to get under the skins of another set of very different characters.  It was a long, tough journey but eventually I got there and am now hopefully looking at a publishing date of late July/early August.

The next project is the sequel, working title Coming Home, although I’m not sure whether that will stay.  This book will be easier because similar to the others in my first series, I’ve already done the ground work.  I know the setting and the characters and it’s all about wrapping the story around them.  I will be introducing one or two new individuals but they’ve been kept to a minimum.  It’s all about the reader reacquainting themselves with the characters from book one and finding out what happens next.

This will be a two book project; no I’m not about to venture into another series.  So what comes after?  Well that’s all in the lap of the gods.  When I finished The Other Side of Morning I had no idea what would come next, or if, indeed there was anything.  All it takes is an initial thought and that can come from so many places – seeing something on TV, reading a book, even overhearing someone’s conversation in a coffee shop or restaurant.  From that one germ of inspiration the writing begins.  I always have an outline of the plot but my experience has shown not to tie myself to a strict pathway. Things can change as the writing progresses so it’s a case of always keeping an open mind and expecting the unexpected.


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5 thoughts on “ALMOST THERE…

  1. I love reading about the writing process, the thought paths and what inspires fellow authors. So interesting. Especially when there is a series involved. Like a whole new family to discover and get to know. Good luck with everything Jo, though I am sure you will be successful without any additional good luck from me. 🙂

  2. Thank you Jane, I’m really feeling bedded in with my new ‘family’ now. Looking back, whatever I’ve coped with it was well worth it. Looking forward now to publication. xx

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