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 This year some of the wonderful authors featured at Look 4 Books have decided to put together a book of short stories, all the proceeds from this book will be going to the Alzheimer’s Society, and the Autistic Society. This book will be available to buy from the Look 4 Books website, and Amazon from early May, 2015.

Authors featured are: Vanessa Knipe, Anne Harvey, Billierosie, Mason N. Forbes, Elaine Chissick, H.E. Joyce, Pauline Barclay, Carol Anne Hunter, June Gundlack, Terri Nixon, Tina K. Burton, Maureen Turner, Carol & Tom Phipps, Madalyn Morgan, Nicci Rae, Sherrie Lowe, Scarlett Flame, and your webmaster.

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Pauline 3PAULINE BARCLAY: Getting Noticed  When Sue Potter lost over six stone in weight and could easily slip into a size 12 dress, all she wanted was for her husband to notice. Desperate to catch his eye, she hit on an idea when passing a car showroom that would guarantee he couldn’t miss her. At least she hoped that would the case!


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BillierosieBILLIEROSIE: Jessica and her Daddy — father and daughter — lovers, always — just two unrelated adults who haven’t forgotten how to play — their game? Age play.



Tina K BurtonTINA K BURTON:  The Lone Tree, is about an old man who reminisces about his favourite place

AUTHOR LINKS: or just search for Tina K Burton Twitter – @TinaKBurton  -Amazon author page –   Pinterest –


Elaine ChissickELAINE CUSSICK: The title of my story for the Look 4 Books Medley, is Sensual Singer but it’s not the kind of singer who hits the high notes. Elaine says: I’ve never really done a short story before so this has been a learning curve. Sensual Singer doesn’t really have a start, middle or end, it’s more of a snapshot into someone’s life ..

AUTHOR LINKS: (email) (website) – (facebook page) – @elainerchissick (twitter)


MASON N FORBES:M Forbes Photo Title of short story: Predator. Three students missing in London. Can Kaylee escape the clutches of a serial killer? Razor-sharp suspense from Mason N. Forbes.


AUTHOR LINKS: Twitter: @MasonNForbesFacebook:


Links to books:

Bitter Sweet: UK  US 

The Strontian Factor: UK   US


JuneGundlackJUNE GUNDLACK: … Lack of sleep and a frayed temper is not usually conducive to a great start to the day – add more irritations and the result is supper with fish and budget wine – that should sort out the fray.

AUTHOR LINKS: Website  – June Gundlack’s Blog – Facebook – Twitter



Anne HarveyANN HARVEY:  Perceptions is about a rich and famous pop star, Josh Randall, who seems to have everything. Until he reads a letter to his late mother

AUTHOR LINKS:  Twitter @annelharvey1 –  – Blog:


CAROL ANNE HUNTER: Six weeks to find love? When her husband of 30 years tradesSeagram Building her in for a more contemporary model, Maggie resolves to live the quiet life.  The safe life.  The single life.  Well, she is only weeks away from her fiftieth, doesn’t do drink or men and has already embraced Trainee Old Duffer status.  But waking up with the office geek and a hangover makes her think again – maybe there is life after marriage.  She decides to refurbish, rebrand and relaunch, and all before her golden birthday, but she hasn’t a clue where to start.  Cue the conception of Project Me.  Before long her life is like the night bus – full of users, wasters, halfwits and chancers, and all with their own agenda.  If only there was someone she could ask for help. Emergency, Code Red, woman down, send back up…. The clock’s ticking…

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H E JOYCE: The Bean Counter – This story is about an unassuming accountant who H E Joyce

keeps himself to himself and is regarded as a source of some amusement to his colleagues. But he has the last laugh. After working for the company all his working life, he has been planning for  a very comfortable retirement all along by skimming a penny here and a penny there from customer accounts.

AUTHOR LINKS: Twitter: @HEJoyce1 – Facebook: -Website:


VANESSA KNIPE:  The Black College: recruitment drive.  Ranged against the Witch VanessaFinders of the Theological College of St Van Helsing are the graduates of the Black College who fight for the right of everyone to learn magic.

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Sherrie LoweSHERRIE LOWE: Guardian Angel. As the title suggests the story is narrated by an angel, someone who left this earth and her family too soon. It is an alternative spin on a section of my memoir Shadow Across the Sun.

AUTHOR LINKS: Sherrie’s website:


MADALYN MORGAN: Return to Sender. Every year Eloise writes to her jilted lover, Madalyn Morgan 300DPI (2)Henri, and every year he returns the letter unopened.  Would he ever read one of her letters, would he ever forgive her – and if he did, would he come to her rescue?

AUTHOR LINKS: Fiction Blog:  Non-fiction Blog: Website:


Terri NixonTERRI NIXON: Jacky Greencoat. When folklore and the modern world collide, who’s to say which one is the myth? Jacky Greencoat; Cornish spriggan, and loyal subject to his king, steps out of the Lynher Mill Chronicles to tell his own story.



Twitter: @TerriNixon



Carol PhippsCAROL MARRS PHIPPS & TOM PHIPPS: Troll RaidA young ElvenTom_Phipps girl has just begun her training to be an austringa, with her new shawk spoogh (strike falcon) eyas, when Elf Killer trolls attack her village

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NICCI RAE: TRUTH OR CONSEQUENCES.  Where there’s a will there’s a way – Evie Nicci raeMarshall is a stranger in a strange land and, when she doesn’t receive the welcome she believes she deserves, the consequences are dire for her new neighbour.

AUTHOR LINKS: Nicci Rae: Books, Biogs, Audiobooks, Discussions


TAF_5226-1SCARLET FLAME: A bed & Breakfast with a difference.This story is about A D/s relationship where the Dom gifts his sub a very different sort of Christmas gift – a night in a B&B in Derbyshire. This is not your usual B & B though. This is a comedy piece about BDSM, but think 50 Shades with lower expectations, and humourous asides.

AUTHOR LINKS: My book is Bound for Passion:Erotic Love Stories that is available on Kindle and in paperback

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maureen turnerMAUREEN TURNER: The Train of Retribution. Businessman and author Thomas Carter wondered who had sent him a train ticket for a journey on the ‘New Year Mince Pie Special.’ Not one to turn down a free pleasure trip, he decided to partake of the unexpected treat.He was going to wish that he had declined.