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A Day in the Life…

This morning I had a 9.20 am appointment for my annual fasting blood test at our GP’s surgery. Back in August I’d been required to attend for a separate blood test and the nurse decided she could do the December test earlier and I would not be required to come in at the end of the year.  Therefore when I received a request in the post to make an appointment I called the receptionist to explain what had happened in August and she said she would let the nurse know.  The next thing  I received a posted compliment slip from my doctor saying yes actually I did need to make an appointment.  You can imagine therefore when I got to the surgery this morning and the nurse called me in (not the one I’d seen in August), stared at her screen and then asked me why I was there I was not particularly amused.  I did actually have my blood pressure taken which I was told was fine – surprisingly I thought after feeling rather hacked off at having to trek into town for nothing,  Then on checking the screen she decided oh yes I needed a follow up test for one of the August results.  I presented my arm, blood was taken, a plaster stuck on and I departed. Years ago my arm warranted a proper plaster, today I received small pad of cotton wool and a sort of material based cellotape which it seems I’m allergic to as now it’s off I’ve a red rash on my arm! Cue another doctor’s appointment! Argh!

Changing the subject to all things gastro (one of my favourite topics), Tuesday for us means lunch out.  Always something to look forward to with the huge variety of excellent pubs around.  Today we decided on the New Inn at Lower Westwood just outside Bradford-on-Avon.  The food is good and it’s very friendly – they’ve a lovely Border Collie too, a real character!  Today surprisingly when we arrived there were no Christmas party lunches going on as in some of the local pubs.  Nevertheless the place was quite busy and there were a few local drinkers at the bar but plenty of spare tables meaning I need not 58215679have bothered to book- never mind, no doubt if I had not the place would have been full – life’s like that!  Anyway the meal as always was great but not too overpowering – nothing’s worse than eating lunch and feeling overstuffed – they have the balance just right!  The New Inn was one of our regular watering holes in the 1980’s and is now completely changed, both bar and lounge having been knocked through into one big room.  It’s a very old pub with a lot of history, beams and oak and flagstone floors.  We had the benefit of a real blazing log fire too – much better than the pretend gas ones – and more in keeping with the tradition of such an old pub.

As we were eating  I was remembering back in December 1981 that I’d organised a Christmas meal for the girls in my department.  We were booked at a local steak house and I’d gone home, had a bath and was getting ready when the phone rang.  It was the steak house to say our table had been cancelled because of the weather.  Weather?  What weather? I’d walked home on a dry dark evening only two hours img035ago, what was she talking about?  When I got to the front door and pulled it open I found myself looking at around three inches of snow!  I couldn’t believe that had happened in such a short time.  The steak house was about five miles away and tucked into the side of a hill. There was quite a stiff wind and they were almost snowed in already!  Anyway I rang round and told everyone sadly the evening was cancelled but one of the girls whose husband ran a small holding was determined we’d have our night out and picked us all up in their Land Rover.  We ended up in The New Inn, which was her local, and had a great evening.  That was the year of all the snow over Christmas and the New Year and freezing cold temperatures.  I remember a water main bursting in the next road and the water freezing as it came out of the pipe and hit the road.  Boy was that was extreme weather, don’t think we’ve had anything quite as cold or lasting so long since.

Anyway back to the present.  Returning home from lunch this afternoon we parked up and walked down to our local garden centre organise a Christmas tree.  It was fairly busy and overrun with trees so fairly easy to find what we wanted and have it netted for us to make it easier to carry home.  It’s now resting at the rear of the house and decoration will commence tomorrow evening once my OH has retrieved the decorations from the loft!  I do love Christmas but I don’t love the crush in the shops. So much energy and stress for two days!   In my organised world I like to get things done as early as I can and then sit back.  I’ve one last gift to purchase and hope to get this on Thursday when I’m off to Winchester Christmas Market with one of my girl friends.  Of course as always it’s all about having a browse and a girlie lunch with lots of wine (we’re going by coach so no driving!).  The market is in the grounds of the Cathedral and there’s an ice rink there too – not that we’ll be giving that a go after our liquid lunch – far too dangerous!I also hope to get up to the top of the city to see The Round Table in the Great Hall.  I missed out when we were there back in the summer as we ran out of time, but this time it’s going to very much be a must see and a photographing opportunity.

And now I must get back to my writing.  My sixth novel already 12,00o words in and going well.  Every time I get in front of the computer to continue the story I realise how very lucky I am.  Writing is my one great love (next to my OH of course) and I’ve now been able to finish work and concentrate on it full time which is amazing!  I don’t miss my old nine to five at all and only wish I’d given it up long ago.  Speak to you all again soon!


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