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Monday 14th January 2013
Well here we are sitting waiting for the snow. However at the moment I have to report that light rain is all we are experiencing here on the eastern edge of Bath. I’m currently sitting in the lounge using the laptop as BH is upstairs putting finishing touches to the CAD drawing for our new conservatory. He’s also got to complete the on line application for planning permission so that means I probably won’t get to use the main computer until midday. The laptop is fine but none of my main files are on it, it’s just something I use very occasionally and BH uses it for browsing at times when I am writing. So what to do? Well this blog piece I guess, although it’s a day late and not by usual Sunday offering.

The new year is now well into January – I can’t believe we’re in double figures already. A lot has happened in those fourteen days. I’ve handed in my notice at work with a leaving date of 31st May. That is so my boss will have time enough to go through the complex process that is needed to replace me. Applications, panels to debate and justify the need for a replacement. Then there is the protracted recruitment process, interviews, offers and then when the person starts (if they aren’t an internal applicant) a week long Induction. Phew!

I always thought I would miss work and in some ways I will. The day to day structure of working life, deadlines, expectations, people, news, gossip, coffee with friends. Yes it will leave a huge hole. However, on the positive side, it will leave me free to pursue the things I want to do. I can remember all those years when I worked full time, when on some sunny days I would gaze out of the office window and wonder what it would be like to be at home relaxing in the garden with a cool drink, or off for the day visiting somewhere new, browsing and stopping off for lunch. At the moment with my half time work commitment I do have days when I meet girlfriends for lunch and shopping but when I’m completely free my time won’t be tied to just a Monday or Tuesday. But there is a danger with all this new freedom. The lack of the structure that comes with work. It’s all too easy to stay in bed that extra hour, to put off things you planned today and do them tomorrow instead – because we all know tomorrow never comes don’t we? So there has to be a balance of sorts. A plan, allocating time for specific things; balancing the ‘to dos’ with the relaxing non-timetable, enjoyable stuff, and that’s what I’ve got to bear in mind once I’ve hung up my keyboard.

Friday 18th January 2013

DSCF1368 (640x480)Well, that was the Monday blog that wasn’t,  so it’s being posted now. We’ve had snow here to-day. A lot of snow. I did try to get to work. Left the house at 7.30am this morning. I have some snow boots which I bought two Christmases ago when we had heavy snow here. Unfortunately for the boots, when they arrived the snow disappeared so they have been sitting in the wardrobe ever since. Today they got their first outing and they are wonderful! They fit snugly, have special soles and are VERY warm. The problem with wearing wellies is that they are rubber and unlined and although you may put on several layers of socks, the end result is the same. If you are out in snow for any length of time your feet get very cold. This morning, knowing almost certain First Bus would cancel services if they so much as saw one flake of snow. I had arranged a lift from a work colleague who lives in the next road. By the time I reached his house, however, I could see the car wasn’t going anywhere. So we both walked to the bus stop, praying they just might be running. We were in luck. One arrived almost immediately. The journey in was slow and there was a surprising amount of traffic going into the city. However it was clear once we were in Bath that the streets were not that clear of snow and traffic was struggling. We arrived at the bus station and found our connection to the hospital only to be greeted with a tannoy announcement that all bus services were being suspended. My colleague decided to walk the three miles to the hospital, I thought about it and then wondered, as snow was still falling quite heavily, if I would ever be able to get back once I was there. So instead, I walked to the taxi office and booked a taxi home. The driver was telling me most of the roads in the city were blocked. Bath actually sits in the middle of an extinct volcano (hence the hot springs) so in order to get out in any direction you have to negotiate hills – apart from the east where I live where the road is relatively flat. I was so glad to get home, to change and get a hot cup of coffee. And now I’m off for a whole week, although the way things are looking I think most of it will be snowy! DSCF1369 (480x640)DSCF1364 (640x480)DSCF1363 (640x480)


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6 thoughts on “RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS …

  1. Love your snow pictures! It’s that old thing again: be careful what you wish for… both in terms of not being in full-time employment and snow. Everything takes adjusting to, but you’ll find your rhythm in every respect and you’ll make the most of it, I’m sure! Rock on!!

    1. Yes you’re right Nicky – I think I’m old enough to know the most attractive things are those which are just out of our reach! I definitely look forward to more writing though!

  2. Hope you are safe and warm with all this snow here. Lovely photos. It will take time adjusting to not having to go to work but once you do, you will enjoy every minute and then wonder how you ever found time to work. Let’s hope we don’t get much more snow. It’s too brrrr.

    1. Everyone who retires say they don’t know how they had time to go to work Kit! It’s surprising what you find to take up that time. What does happen (something I’ve learned from Steve) is that your stress levels go down!

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