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Well, you’ve got me this week as Tea and Talk at Sally Lunn’s is having a pit stop.  I plan to chat to two authors a month, so the next interview will be on Sunday 9th December.

When I was thinking about what I was going to say this weekend, I had to stop and think what am I going to talk about?  Well this week it’s Flu.  Yes, this week I have been overtaken by influenza, or as the doctor who gave me my annual shot on Thursday 15th November termed it, a mild dose of influenza, which apparently is one of the potential side effects.  I will say that the actual immunisation process was flawless. Complete the form, sign the disclaimer and roll up your sleeve.This was followed by something which resembled being pinched hard and then that was it. ‘No plaster for you’ I was told as the needle had not drawn blood – a textbook procedure, wonderful!  And to celebrate coming through this ordeal I was given a small circular sticker which had in its centre what I guess was supposed to be a caricature of the flu virus but in all honesty reminded me more of a rabid hedgehog!  Anyway I felt fine, no dull ache in the upper arm as is usual for me – wonderful!   By Sunday I was feeling pretty happy that all was going well and nothing had come back to bite me.  We met friends for lunch in our local pub and towards the end of the meal I found I had scratchy throat.  Too much girl chat obviously, I thought, so I simply followed normal guidelines for this sort of situation and upped my intake of red wine.  Unfortunately by Monday morning I felt as if someone had scraped a razor blade down there and round my tonsils.  Regular application of Lemsip did little to improve the situation and by Tuesday sneezing, runny nose and a temperature had added themselves to my list of medical woes.

By Wednesday I had developed a ’40 a day cough’ and decided feeling the way I did and looking out at the pouring rain outside there was no way I could go to work.  I phoned in, fully expecting that I’d be OK by Thursday.  In fact I couldn’t have been more wrong as  by then I had a blocked head and as a result of all the coughing (which regular doses of Benylin did not even seem to touch) my ribs felt like they had been used as a punch bag by David Haye.  Friday the temperature returned with a vengeance and I felt so lethargic that all I wanted to do was sleep.  I absolutely hated being like this but there was little I could do about it, the bug was firmly in control.  However as soon as I woke up on Saturday morning I knew I was over the worst.  The cough was still there, although not half as bad as it had been,  My ribs weren’t quite as sore and there was still the blocked head, but my energy levels were back and I felt I was beginning to take back control of me.  It’s been a gradual climb out of the flu pit since then and as I type I can say the old me is definitely on the mend.

If you could ever say there was an upside to this week, it’s that I can add four pounds to my ‘Lose Weight for Christmas Campaign’  (hooray!) due to the fact that the bug managed to annihilate my taste buds, meaning everything I ate tasted like cardboard!

Of course, my friendly flu virus has meant that I’ve done very little in the way of writing but in a way it’s been good to take a break and spend time thinking about what I’ve already written and where the plot is taking me.  I had, during the first part of the week when I still felt able, managed to get some work done but when I went back to it again properly yesterday my first reaction was to think  ‘Did I really write that??’ before deleting most of it.  So here we are a week later.  The cough and blocked head have become so fond of me they seem reluctant to depart yet, but the rest of me is OK,  so it’s back to work tomorrow to cover for my  job share who wanted Tuesday off and is doing my Thursday instead.  And Thursday? Well  I’m off to spend a day in the town where I was born but I’ll tell you  about that next week!


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2 thoughts on “BITTEN BY THE BUG…

  1. Sorry to hear you’ve been poorly. Sound like what I had recently. Nasty. Anyway, glad you are on the mend. We simply must grab that coffee together at Sally’s soon. 🙂

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