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Tuesday is nearly over

Heavens! It’s nearly nine – where has the day gone?  After our weekend away in Hereford it was strange to come back to my two days off.  Monday got taken up with all the domestic stuff missed from the weekend and today I’ve been a ‘lady who lunches’ with my good friend Jude who has just retired from teaching.  She’s really enjoying being a woman of leisure and like many of my contemporaries who have closed the door on the world of work, seems to find no end of things to do,.  She’s holidaying in Tuscany soon and then off to Nepal later in the year.

Currently, I’m still waiting for my book to be put on Amazon and become available for purchase.  It’s been a frustrating time, caused, I have to admit by yours truly.  I won’t go into detail but suffice it to say I have learned valuable lessons here which will never, ever be repeated because if they are I think I will definitely be sending for the men in white coats!  Everything is ready, including the book trailer and I’m anticipating a launch some time next week, fingers crossed!  Once the launch has happened I’ll feel my life is uncluttered enough to sit down and think about my next project.  I’ve sort of worked out a plot. The start, which will be a Prologue, is worked out in detail so at least I have something to start on.  However, looking back at Between Today and Yesterday, there were a lot of scenes which ended up ‘on the cutting room floor’ – they were a good idea at the time but once the book took shape for one reason or another they didn’t fit.  I do tend to keep the discarded bits in an archive file until the book is finally finished as sometimes they do come in handy.

It’s 9.10 now and time to finish off the evening with some reading and a large glass of wine.  Am currently 37% of the way through Barbara Erskine’s River of Destiny.  Catch you all again soon.


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