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It’s Sunday and the Sun is Out!

It’s Sunday and I think I have a cold coming.  Where it came from who knows, only that I’m currently in the dry throat and sneezing stage.  Am hoping to kill it off before it gets anywhere with Paracetamol but knowing my luck it will get the better of me and I’ll be stuck with a runny nose, blocked head and then the dry, tickly cough which hangs on for a good two weeks afterwards and always surfaces in the most awkward of places.  Like in the cinema, or when you’re attending a meeting.  I usually carry a supply of throat sweets with me now as I’m all too aware when I start to cough I just can’t stop.

Thinking about more positive things, I’m currently waiting for my initial copy of Between Today and Yesterday to arrive from the printers. This gives me a last look before I OK for going out to proper print.   I’m also putting a book trailer together.  I spent Thursday working on a draft trailer, downloading sample shots and putting them together and then pairing up with music.  Was very lucky to find just the piece I wanted as a free download.  Since then I’ve purchased the shots I need from my cover designer and tomorrow I will be putting the whole thing together properly.

This afternoon I have to start putting together pieces for the new website which is being developed for me.  Although I quite liked my own creation, it lacked the professional look I really needed.  It would have been so easy to just copy text from the existing site to the new one, but I felt if it was all going to be new then that meant everything had to be changed.  OK it’s more work, but it will be up to date and have a completely new feel to it.

The new book is still marinating away.  It’s surprising how an original thought, which seems good at the time, moves on into something slightly different.  I’m at the beginning but already wondeirng whether I should kill someone off.  Yes, I know, this does require a serious sit down and making of notes and I will do it once all the other bits and pieces I have to do have been sorted out.  Looking back at Between Today and Yesterday, there is very little in the finished book which actually figures in the original detailed  plot.  Not sure whether other writers stick to their original plot line but I find as I write what I thought would work sometimes doesn’t and has to either be tweaked or completely changed.  And it’s not just storyline but also about the characters and the way they interact withe each other.  My original thoughts were about a love story running alongside the main plot, but somehow as I wrote I became less and less convinced it would work and now am glad I decided not to pursue that particular thread because now it’s given me the opportunity to move it into the new book.  So that’s it folks, my thoughts for Sunday afternoon.  The sun is shining, my better half is out on the sun bed and I have some serious website writing to do.  Will catch up with you again soon when I hope I’ve well and truly waved my cold goodbye!


Directs fictional destinies. Living on the edge of a wonderful Georgian city. Addicted to Arthurian legend, good wine, and rock music. Writes...mostly about love

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